Searching for security camera companies to provide you with the means to better protect its contents, staff and customers? Welcome to Maxtag, a leading UK provider of security cameras.

For over 20 years, we have been installing the latest systems in all manner of public and private environments – from retail stores, bars and restaurants,through to schools,colleges and other educational buildings. Throughout our time in the industry, our work has seen us attain an industry-leading knowledge and experience that simply allows us to create the ideal bespoke security infrastructure for our clients.

Regardless of the type, size or style of your store, we can ensure you that we are able to tailor any security solution to whatever your requirements may be.

Looking For Security Camera Companies? Choose Maxtag

It's through our vast experience that we have created relationships with some of the most innovative security camera companies around. Indeed, all of the equipment that we retail is from the world's largest CCTV manufacturers – ensuring our clients are provided with the best security around. In 2016, our dedication to our service saw us awarded'Partner of the Year' by renowned manufacturer, Hikvision.

In addition to our sales of the latest hi-tech security cameras, we also have a national team of engineers who are able to install and offer advice on operating your ideal network. With the set-up of buildings and the requirements of each business being vastly different, we take the time to understand what you need, before creating a bespoke security plan based on how your requirements can be achieved.

Quite simply, if you're looking for a comprehensive service that will provide you with great value security, then look no further than Maxtag.

Already Have CCTV? Here's Why Switching To A Modern Security Camera Is A Good Idea

Running your own business will naturally mean that many demands will be placed upon you – so the last thing you need is worries about security to continually affect your job. Unfortunately, you cannot keep eyes out everywhere all of the time – well, human ones at least. This is precisely why the addition of CCTV cameras in business has become so vital; their monitoring and recording capabilities can keep constant eyes out, as well as provide a physical deterrent, so the humans can go about their job of making the business a success.

Security cameras are nothing new, of course – which is the point. Many a business may have older types of analogue CCTV that due to their recording qualities, storage and scalability aspects, have grown obsolete,perhaps even unresponsive. This makes the business vulnerable and will not instil any kind of confidence in staff or customers – it may even be the case that someone with designs on causing any harm to the business will spot these flaws and go about their intentions regardless, safe in knowing that they will unlikely be identified.

Thankfully, with modern digital CCTV systems sold by security camera companies, all that has changed. CCTV of the past, although useful to a point, cannot record images that allow for a deep level of clarity. As high-definition imaging technology has become commonplace in our society over the last 10 years or so, it has allowed security cameras to vastly improve the depths at which they can display the images they record.

In terms of storage, older cameras make use of physical mediums such as video cassettes, DVD's and hard drives to hold information –all of them vulnerable to damage, breakdowns – even being a victim of theft themselves.Today, the latest security cameras are able to forgo these issues by storing the images they capture on virtual cloud storage; not only providing safe and secure storage but also giving the operator the ability to access their files from any internet-connecting device they have, at any location they may be at.No longer do they need to be on-site to view the footage or rely on security camera companies to store their footage.

Scalability is also a big issue with many CCTV cameras.Whilst older types can only be confined to a single network with a specific number of cameras, modern security cameras don't need any extra cabling –working with an internet connection, you can add as many cameras as you need for your network. You can even add networks together, allowing you easy access to what's going on in any of your other buildings at the same time.

This ease of use fits perfectly with why you need a security camera – it helps to save much time (and future ongoing costs) in looking after your building's security. Time and money that can instead be spent on growing your business and continuing to make it a success.

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