Protecting soft products, like clothes, is often seen to be extremely difficult. That is not least due to the sheer variety of product types that need to be protected. Not every kind of clothing is the same, but they all need to be protected against potential theft. That's why your retail outlet needs a truly reliable, truly comprehensive solution.

Thanks to both the XpondrTM 66Khz and the AM - 58Khz, you can now ensure that your soft products are effectively protected from theft. These clothing security tags and systems are essential for any kind of fashion retail outlet.

Why Do You Need A Comprehensive Clothing Security Tags Solution?

Unfortunately, most clothes are extremely easy to steal if they aren't protected by clothing security tags. Whether that involves stuffing them into a bag or even wearing them out of the store, they can quickly and easily be stolen and, thanks to tightly packed shelving and display racks, it can often be difficult to identify when an item has been stolen through CCTV alone.

Your security team needs to be supported with the very latest and most effective technology if you hope to prevent loss through effective security solutions. Thanks to the reliable security solutions that we are able to provide, you can deter potential criminals from attempting to steal clothing, or other soft products, from your store. Without one of these solutions, your soft products store will suffer losses due to theft or even other forms of anti-social behaviour, such as product vandalism.

Choose Maxtag For Reliable Clothing Security Tags

Whether you're looking to create an invisible solution, which can be provided by the XpondrTM 66Khz or a more visible deterrent as provided by the AM - 58Khz range, you'll be able to develop the perfect solution with the Maxtag team.

We have been working for many years to help all kinds of retail outlets to prevent theft and anti-social behaviour. Our team also focus on improving the safety and security of your employees and customers within your store, through intelligent CCTV and retail analytics.

If you're looking for an effective way to limit and prevent theft from your retail outlet, or for a comprehensive security solution that will offer complete protection over multiple locations, get in touch with Maxtag today. For effective clothing security tags, contact our team directly on 0800 044 3160.

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