Whether you run a retail business or own a property, security is one of the most obvious aspects to look at when evaluation is needed. Often, it can prove to be a worry for many; how can we be certain that we are able to monitor what is happening when we’re not there? This is where CCTV installers come in – by implementing a brand-new High-Definition CCTV system, you can put those worries to one side and concentrate on going about those tasks that would have otherwise been put to one side.

Maxtag – High-Quality CCTV Installers

Here at Maxtag, we have been carrying out work as CCTV installers in London, the South East and across the UK for over 20 years now. Throughout our experience in the industry, we’ve witnessed CCTV improve from analogue systems that often used physical media, into the modern-day HD systems that can send live pictures or store them via the internet. Quite simply – no matter your circumstances, size or type of property – we believe that there has been no better time in which to invest in a CCTV system.

Why Should I Invest In A Modern CCTV System?

With the many demands on our time and in our life, we cannot keep our eyes on the home or business all of the time. Theft, for example, is a leading cause of profit loss in a retail business – it can also factor heavily in its reputation amongst genuine customers. As such, CCTV cameras have proved to be a useful tool to use in identifying any issues within our properties for many years – but as time grows old, so does technology.

Older types of CCTV all played a useful role at some point but due to their recording abilities, storage methods and scalability issues, many have been more-or-less rendered obsolete, especially when you compare them to the CCTV systems of today.

In contrast, even the smallest of homes and businesses can protect themselves with a single HD CCTV camera. As the recording quality presents pictures that are as good as the ones we see on our television sets these days, that classic reputation of CCTV images being grainy and difficult to pick out details from, is a thing of the past.

The Benefits of High-Definition CCTV

If you’re thinking about improving your property’s security, here are some reasons why HD CCTV can help you to achieve your aims:

  • Cost-effective. The best products are ones that can combine the qualities needed to do an effective job, with a low price; this is the main attraction of a modern CCTV system for many. Thanks to the abilities of an HD CCTV camera, its initial outlay will be paid back extremely quickly – especially when you think about how much you would lose if stock is stolen.
  • Access Remotely. Previously, you had to be on the premises to monitor what was being picked up by your CCTV; no longer. More-modern CCTV can take advantage of an internet connection to send live or recorded images to you, on your computer, smartphone or tablet, to wherever you may be. This will help you to go about other important tasks, safe in the knowledge that you can check on your store’s security whenever you need to.
  • View On Other Platforms. As briefly touched on, your CCTV images can be sent to a multitude of devices via an internet connection and cloud storage. Old systems required footage to be recorded on physical media, which would itself, raise security concerns – any ill-meaning staff members, for example, would have access to tapes, hard-drives etc. By allowing CCTV installers to implement a modern HD camera on your premises, you can eliminate the reliance on unsecured, physical media, further helping your store and stock to be protected.
  • No Lagging. It can be easy to assume that sending all that data across the internet may result in lots of lagging between live events and the pictures presented on your device – not so. Live images can be sent from the camera to your device extremely quickly, with no lagging or synchronisation issues.
  • Re-Organise Your CCTV Set-Up. If you’re reluctant to part with any cameras, especially ones that are fairly new and have served you well, you don’t need to worry; CCTV installers can mix and match them with modern HD CCTV. By placing the newer cameras in the key areas of the store, you will create a coverage that will be effective, reliable – and won’t cost the earth.
  • A Decrease In Insurance Rates. For both homes and businesses, building insurance can prove to be costly. Many an insurance company will actually lower their rates if they see that you have taken measures to secure the property – and what better way to secure your property than with the best CCTV available?

Need To Learn More About HD CCTV Systems?

If you would like to learn more about how our CCTV installers can help to improve the security of your store or property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at enquiries@maxtag.com

“When Maxtag introduced us to their Cloud Analytics software, we were very impressed. The user interface was simple to use and easy to understand. Since installing it over many stores we now understand more about our customers behaviour in store. How they move around our retail space. This information is invaluable in helping us plan the layout of our stores.”

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