It is more important than ever for hospitality businesses to take advantage of the very best in CCTV systems for hotels to ensure that their boarders, their staff and their property all remain safe and secure. All over the world, comprehensive video security systems are helping all kinds of hotels to protect themselves.

The benefits of these systems are inarguable, particularly when weighed up against the wide range of potential threats and demands that the entire industry needs to face on a daily basis. However, it can be difficult o know how much CCTV is too much, to the point that it becomes invasive and impacts your boarders' perception of your business.

CCTV Systems For Hotels And The Expectation Of Privacy!

When it comes to hotels, resorts and other locations where guests are paying for a temporary stay, it is imperative that you do not record in areas where the boarders have an expectation of privacy. This means that you never record in a private room, or even in any public restrooms that you have on the premises.

In the quest for security, it is often all too easy to impact your guest's enjoyment. If you want to create a great, lasting impression on your boarders, then you need to ensure that your video surveillance remains a subtle and natural part of your property's aesthetic. Many hotels and hospitality businesses choose to make use of recessed domes in the corners of rooms to ensure maximum subtlety.

Where Should You Position Cameras In Your Hotel?

Public Corridors?

For the best results, you're going to want to ensure that your cameras are placed in such a way that they can view corridors and elevators, as well as any closets, staff areas and stairwells. Unfortunately, there are two ways that guests that will react to this – they will either:

  • Be impressed at the dedication to security and safety.
  • Be concerned as to why you need these security features in traditionally private areas.

Research has already shown the benefits of monitoring these areas, whether or not the CCTV is constantly viewed or recorded. The mere placement of a video camera can have a deterrent effect on many opportunistic criminals. It can also help to identify if any of your employees are stealing from your guest's rooms in their absence.

Entrances, Exits And The Exterior?

If you're a hotel owner, you're likely to understand how important it can be to monitor your busiest areas. All entrances and exits should be monitored as they tend to operate as choke points and are easy to keep an eye on compared to wide open spaces, such as larger lobbies. They can be a great way of identifying when someone entered or left the building, as well as getting a detailed view of everyone who enters your establishment.

Since the highest number of crimes occurs outside of the hotel itself, such as in car parks, positioning cameras in these external areas can be a great way of capturing crime as it occurs. Swift response and investigation teams tend to use CCTV as a simple way of determining a victim's claims, so it is important that you keep an eye on these areas as a priority.

Asset Protection?

Whether you have a lobby or reception that is locked down during dark hours, or you operate a 24/7 service, it is important that you protect public areas with CCTV at all times. This can include anything from the lobby to additional features like spas, indoor pools and other recreational areas. If you're clever, you can use this footage to not only protect these areas, but discover ways in which you can optimise your hotel for complete guest comfort.

Internal crimes often go unnoticed, particularly if they occur at the front desk, so positioning security cameras in these locations can help to identify thieves and criminals that you employ.

CCTV Systems For Hotels, From The Team At Maxtag

Knowing where to draw the line in hotel security can be difficult, but you should always try to balance employee and boarder comfort with effective security. Here at Maxtag, we are proud to offer a diverse range of CCTV systems for hotels to ensure that your property is effectively protected against all kinds of criminal behaviour, without impacting your guest's comfort.

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