As they think about how their security is handled, operators of public-serving buildings will understand that they will need to monitor all of the key areas at the same time. Although CCTV cameras provide a constant monitoring and recording solution – the qualities that they are able to operate at will often be the difference in them providing useable evidence. Are they able to sufficiently record, send and store images to the building owners' satisfaction?

This complete, high-quality network can be provided by IP CCTV Systems.

What Are IP CCTV Systems? How Do They Work?

Internet Protocol CCTV cameras are able to send and receive data through a localised network, making it possible for the operator to have a better-defined security network. The images taken by the cameras can be delivered through a Network Video Recorder (NVR) by making use of an internet connection, such as Wi-Fi, storing them on the virtual Cloud. This makes for a much easier, quicker and safer delivery (and storage) method than older analogue systems.

What Advantages Does IP CCTV Have Over Older Systems?

Throughout the last two decades, the capabilities of security cameras have improved immensely. For many years,analogue systems recorded and stored their images on videotape and optical discs – requiring the operator of the system to be on site to monitor or view the footage.

Today however, cameras are able to record images in high-definition and store them virtually on The Cloud, delivering them securely over the internet to any compatible PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device. No longer does the operator need to be on site to view what's going on.

Some of the main benefits of IP CCTV systems include:

  • Increased image quality. One of the more favourable advantages that IP CCTV has over older systems is that they are able to record pictures in a much higher resolution. This will give operators a better opportunity to identify incidents and possible perpetrators of crime. HD has become a staple of our society these days – we expect our televisions,computers and mobile phones to display great video quality, so why should our security cameras be left behind?
  • Superior playback. One of the big advantages of an NVR is that their playback and search functions are far superior than older systems. A particular feature allows the operator to search for and 'clip out' certain sections, instead of them having to fast-forward hours upon hours of footage to find what they need.
  • Flexibility. Perhaps the biggest attraction to an IP system for many people is their ability to be integrated with existing cameras. If an operator has already made a relatively-recent investment in CCTV, the last thing they need is to rip them all down and start again. IP CCTV systems can help to create a better-defined network with any existing cameras; acting as a high-quality conduit for footage to stream through.
  • Wider coverage. As IP cameras are able to view and record areas in better detail, they are able to cover a wider area than what older, analogue cameras do. It's possible that, due to their qualities, a single IP camera could cover the same area that what three or four analogue cameras can do – great value for money.
  • Easy Management. There may be a huge amount of data recorded or transmitted by an IP system that the operator may not want (or need) – they may only want their cameras to be motion detected,for example. IP CCTV systems have a wide range of management modules that make it easy for the operator to create their own bespoke security solution with.
  • Limitless expansion. One of the major issues that older CCTV systems had, was that in order to create a network an operator would have to install a set number of cameras each time they wanted to expand (due to the cabling). This meant that they would purchase cameras that they didn't need – not great value for money. On the other hand, the network created by an IP camera allows for a single unit to be added at a time, meaning that operators are able to create a bespoke network based on the exact number of camera they need.

Choose An HD IP Security Camera To Protect Your Business

If you are looking to take advantage of the many benefits that can be provided by IP CCTV systems, then the expert security team here at Maxtag can help you to establish a bespoke network.

No matter the scale of your requirements,the set-up of your building or even the budget you have available, we have proven experience of creating security systems that are able to protect and even improve the operational capabilities of our clients.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you too, then please feel free to get in touch with us directly today. You can call us on 0800044 3160 or you can reach us by e-mail at

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