Closed-Circuit Television has been around for many years and as such, its abilities in regards to recording images and its scalability, has seen modern systems have a huge impact on the security of businesses, homeowners and public spaces alike. One aspect that's also mentioned when we talk about relatively-recent CCTV improvements, is a modern system's storage methods.

As CCTV installers in Kensington who have been carrying out our work in the industry for over 20 years, we have seen much change in the storage mediums that a CCTV can offer. Classically, CCTV storage is identified as being removable physical media, such as a VHS tape or a CD/DVD. Latterly, digital images have been a popular storage medium, with video files stored on a nearby hard drive. Although this method offers vast improvements in the quality of the recording, its playback as well as the amount of money saved on storage, being stored on-site doesn't make the footage secure.

How CCTV Installers In Kensington Can Offer Secure Storage Methods.

With the constant development of the internet throughout the last decade being pushed towards the speed and delivery of information over wireless networks, thinking about new and innovative ways of storing material became vitally important. As a result, cloud storage has started to become the most-popular storage medium for businesses and individuals alike.

What Exactly Is Cloud Storage?

To put it simply, Cloud storage is a virtual hard drive that gives people the opportunity to store their files on and off-site device, without having to worry about it being stored on their own physical device. Although it's 'virtual' in the sense that the information isn't stored on a physical storage medium that the user owns, it is in fact held on a secure server hosted by a provider.

Why Should A Retailer Be Using The Cloud To Store CCTV Images?

Aside from the off-site security benefits, other advantages of using cloud storage could be to save space on their own hard drives, saving on the costs of removable media and the ability to access their information wherever they may be.

The other advantages of using cloud storage include:

  • Easy-to-use. Cloud storage works just like the average desktop computer does; files can be dragged and dropped between physical devices/storage and the virtual space offered by the cloud.
  • Save on Bandwidth. Instead of sending large files via a network, users can simply use a link that will enable content to be downloaded, without using a large amount of bandwidth to do so.
  • Back-up. A major issue with all users of IT is the constant worry about their data being lost or compromised. Cloud storage works as an alternative back-up; storing important files that can be recovered in the event of a fault developing with any user's on-site storage mediums.
  • More Cost Savings. One major reason why businesses choose to use cloud storage, is as we've established, for its ability to save money. It isn't just savings that can be made in not purchasing additional physical storage, though – by using the cloud, additional costs can be further saved simply by using less power to run massive amounts of data

These fast and flexible methods of storage explain why an increasing amount of businesses are seeking CCTV installers in Kensington to provide such systems. Using cloud storage to store their CCTV images, a business can cut the costs of their security – and yet possess the best, most-up-to-date CCTV security in the industry.

All-Purpose CCTV Security From Maxtag.

Here at Maxtag, our HD CCTV systems from renowned manufacturers, Hikvision, are able to work with cloud storage in order to offer the ultimate secure CCTV system. Our CCTV installers in Kensington have already assisted many businesses in the area, creating an all-purpose security solution that has had a major impact on the effectiveness of their security and as a result, the profits of the business.

The great benefits offered by our CCTV systems are:

  • Easy to use. No expert knowledge or extensive training is required to operate the system; its ease of use will allow you to be able to quickly adapt to its functions and you'll quickly understand how you are able to get the best out of it.
  • HD Recording. The classic misconception of CCTV is that it records grainy images that can't be zoomed into. Not today. Modern CCTV is able to record in movie-quality resolutions and can pick out small details within its field of monitoring.
  • View Images Live. Thanks to the internet, modern CCTV can deliver live pictures to you, no matter where you may be. Similarly, using the cloud, you can access and view stored images whenever you please, no matter where you may be.
  • View on A Number of Platforms. It isn't just the average desktop or laptop computer that you're able to view your live or recorded images on. With you doubtless being constantly on the move, you'll be able to access images via a smartphone or a tablet too, displaying the flexibility of the system.
  • Mix with existing cameras. If you aren't keen on pulling down all of your current CCTV cameras, you can place HD CCTV in the key areas – and link them all together to provide a network that covers the entirety of your site, giving you a complete, cost-effective coverage.

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