There used to be a time when in order to view images captured by a CCTV camera, you would have to be on-site. If you run your own business this may prove to be inconvenient – especially if you also have other tasks to undertake away from the site. You'll be left with two choices –monitor the security, or go off and attend to the jobs you need too. There wasn't a medium for you to do both.

Today however, CCTV Installers are able to implement a security system that will provide you with a range of flexibility when it comes to monitoring what's going on, freeing you up to attend to the important jobs you may miss out on.

Thanks to the latest CCTV cameras and the internet, you can view live and recorded images on a range of devices – from desktop computers to laptops, tablet devices and mobile phones. As long as you have an internet connection, you'll be able to view what's occurring inside (or outside) of your property.

CCTV Installers on The Importance of Live Streams on Multiple Devices

With the nature of running a business being busy and requiring you to be in multiple locations, a modern, high-definition CCTV system that can send live images through the internet will help you to achieve:

  • React to incidents live – Being able to live stream images to your devices will give you the opportunity to be aware or react to, any incidents that may be currently taking place. CCTV installers are able to provide you with ample opportunity to inform staff or the authorities as quickly as possible.
  • The ability to work as you need to – One of the downsides to CCTV security in the past was that you had to be on-site to actually view the footage on a screen. No longer – with the footage able to be sent to a multitude of different devices, you will have the opportunity to go about your day as you would like to, undertaking the tasks and going to places that you need to, safe in the knowledge that you can log on and check footage at any time you please.
  • Secure your footage – The great thing about streaming live to whatever device you're using, is that nobody else will have access to the footage you're watching. In the past it wasn't uncommon for CCTV storage mediums to fall into the wrong hands – with a secure sign-in process, you can rest safe in the knowledge that any captured footage will be under a further layer of protection.
  • Direct staff/Sort stockCCTV installers can implement a system that can be used for more than just security of course, it can be used to monitor staff or any stock levels you may manage. Being able to live stream what's happening on the shop floor will allow you to gain an insight into how it's performing – you can check upon how staff members position themselves (are they present in the key areas of the store?) and you can check on whether stock items need replenishing; meeting the demand before the stock runs out.

These are just a small sample of the many benefits you can achieve with your own CCTV system.Why not take a look around our website (especially our blog section) from which you can learn even more about the impact that CCTV can have on your business?

Monitor Your Property, No Matter Where You May Be, With Maxtag

Since 1997, the Maxtag team have been supplying retail security devices and working as CCTV installers for clients across the UK. No matter if your business is based in the public or private sector, if it's a retail store, pub, restaurant,school or any type of establishment that would benefit from security monitoring, we can help to devise a bespoke security solution.

Regardless if you're in need of a single camera to compliment your existing cameras or are looking to establish a new network from scratch, why not get in touch with us today to learn about how we are able to implement a flexible HD CCTV installation for your business?

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