It wasn't that long ago that some people saw CCTV as 'ineffective', unable to deter or clearly identify perpetrators of crime. This reputation was maybe born out of the limitations they had at the time – chiefly the quality of the images it was able to record. Although obviously helpful for short-range recording, the images they picked up often offered a limited depth, which wasn't helpful if the operator wished to zoom in and pick out a certain feature, for example.

Things could not be more different today, however. Security camera companies have taken advantage of the vast improvement in audio/visual equipment within the last 15 years to create CCTV systems that negate such issues, leaving their operators in a much better position to identify incidents that take place within the areas they monitor – something that those with nefarious intentions know too.

Why Should I Source Modern CCTV From Security Camera Companies?

If you're responsible for the security of a building, then you may already have CCTV installed. The trouble with many existing systems is that their abilities may have grown obsolete. Aside from their recording qualities, storage may have proved to be an issue in the past – kept on video tapes, discs and hard drives,the images they held could be compromised. Today, the latest cameras are able to take advantage of wireless technology to store files on The Cloud – a virtual storage space that can only be accessed by the operator.

The use of wireless connectivity and the internet also helps with another issue that older types of CCTV had – namely providing flexibility for the operator. Previously,you would have to be present in the same room as the monitor(s) that were receiving the CCTV images in order to view them. Modern cameras are able to send the pictures direct to any internet-connecting device the operator may have on their person – mobiles, tablets and laptops that give them the flexibility to go about other pressing tasks that may otherwise be neglected if they had to sit in the office to view footage. Now they can achieve both.

Then there is the sheer number of cameras that security camera companies can add to a modern network – which is as many as the operator wants. Older types of CCTV only allowed for a set number to be included in a network, which often didn't offer sufficient coverage across their buildings. Also, older types of CCTV networks would only run with a set number of cameras – modern CCTV allows operators a custom number of cameras,suiting their needs much better.

Along with the high-definition images it is able to capture, the best thing about modern CCTV is it provides a robust deterrent – drawing attention to the fact may leave many people with intentions of causing any problems within the building,less likely to do so. Whilst there is little that can be done to prevent crime in the event, an operator will at least have clear footage as evidence –something they won't necessarily have with an older system.

Improve Your CCTV Infrastructure, With Maxtag

If you're looking to create a better-defined network, regardless of the type or size of building you are responsible for, allow the team here at Maxtag to help you create your ideal CCTV infrastructure.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, our team have established one of the leading security camera companies in the UK. Our experience has seen us work with a wide range of retailers,landlords and building managers to establish brand-new CCTV networks that aside from boosting their security, also helps them to better understand how their property operates – ideal if they need to know how their visitors react to certain elements in key areas of the building.

As a result of our time in the industry, we have built up strong relationships with some of the most well-renowned CCTV manufacturers around. This is how we're able to offer the latest in HD camera systems that allow the user to gain better control over the security of their building. Interested? Then please feel free to get in touch with us today.

If you need any further information about our CCTV installation service, you can get in touch with us on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail at
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