Having a CCTV camera installation in place allows you to ensure that everything (and everyone) on the premises is kept safe. Aside from giving you the means of monitoring and recording what's happening, CCTV also works as a great deterrent, putting off would-be offenders from committing nefarious acts.

The problem is that there are too many businesses out there that either aren't making good use of their security cameras or have allowed them to fall into disrepair (which is something that many would-be offenders pick up on). Falling behind the times is an invitation for them to do their worst, causing the business much harm; so when is the right time to upgrade CCTV?

When To Upgrade Your CCTV Camera Installation

If you're responsible for the running of a premises, whether that's a retail store, a pub or bar, gym or health club,school, college or any other type of public or private building, here are some signs to look out for when evaluating your current CCTV camera installation:

CCTV set-up and configuration

One of the most obvious signs to look out for is the image quality that the camera is able to capture. Things have moved on in the last couple of decades –including how CCTV systems capture, record, store and send images. Whereas previously, security cameras were very static, recorded grainy pictures that offered very little depth and stored recordings on video cassettes, the cameras of today can record and capture images in high-definition, streaming to a plethora of handheld devices and store pictures on a virtual cloud system. Put simply, if your camera cannot pick out a target clearly within its monitoring field, you should seriously think about upgrading to a more-modern CCTV system.

Another key part of the camera's set-up to look at is their positioning. Are they able to view a wide area from where they've been placed? Whether it's through blockages or a breakdown in its mechanism, a more-modern camera is able to overcome these difficulties, giving you a much-clearer image of what's going on.

Then there's the lighting to think about. How does your current CCTV camera installation respond to the day's light changing? There is obviously a big difference between the levels of light that are present during the day compared to night, so understanding how your current camera can pick out features in all lighting conditions is vital to understand its ongoing performance – and whether you should upgrade or not.

Camera maintenance

When was the last time your CCTV cameras were serviced? If it's been a number of years, it's is more than possible that they could be suffering from a range of defects. You should always ensure that your cameras are checked for faults and cleaned on a regular basis – obtaining a new (better) CCTV system may help to kick-start such a habit.

Performance Checks

Aside from maintenance and cleaning, all aspects of your CCTV camera installation must be checked on a consistent basis to see if their operational capabilities are still performing as expected. Even if there are features you may not make use of – how do you know that you won't need them in the future? If you spot anything that isn't performing as it should, this could be a sign that the system will need looking at. Getting in touch with professional CCTV suppliers will help you to better understand the capabilities of your existing system.

That was our quick guide to the signs to look out for that may indicate that your security camera system needs upgrading.If you're looking to improve your own CCTV system or establish a brand-new CCTV camera network altogether, then you've found the place here at Maxtag.

Improve Your CCTV Security With Maxtag

Regardless if you're looking to improve the functioning of your existing security camera network or are simply wanting to replace any outdated or malfunctioning equipment, we are dedicated to helping you achieve an effective security solution. Having been creating bespoke CCTV camera installations since 1997, we can say with some assurance that, thanks to their capabilities, there has been no better time to invest in a new system.

Able to capture, record and playback images in HD, be stored on a virtual cloud and/or sent to your mobile phone, tablet,laptop or desktop computer, today's CCTV security cameras represent a wise investment for any business. Why not get in touch with us today?

If you would like to learn more about a modern CCTV camera installation can benefit your business or institution, give us a call on 0800 0443160 or send an e-mail to enquiries@maxtag.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
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