How times change. It wasn't too long ago that stalls, shops and stores used to be open during the day, close at night and never open on Sundays. Today however, we live in a 24/7 world that has seen our towns and cities operate at all hours, giving people the flexibility to shop at a time that suits them.

Whilst this changing landscape has allowed businesses to better meet the demands of customers, the same worries will remain, no matter the time of day (or night) – the matter of security. If you run a business that operates for long hours, when is the time right to search around for security camera companies to upgrade your existing CCTV system? Does your security infrastructure even need an upgrade? As professional security camera installers with over 20 years of experience, we are only happy to guide you through.

When Is The Time Right For A 24/7 Business To Call Security Camera Companies?

It may already be the case that your store already has a CCTV network in place. It has served you well, so why change it? The trouble is that as time moves on, so do the tactics employed by those with designs on doing harm to the business. With many hours to operate in, a modern business must be able to rely on modern solutions to solve its problems – otherwise,those problems will eventually cause the business harm.

Here are some signs to look out for, for when your CCTV system needs replacing:

  • Unclear images – Older types of cameras are well-known for their lack of recording quality and depth; when zoomed into, a certain element of a captured picture would produce something that an 8-bit video game fan would find 'too blocky' and unable to identify. With the business operating at night too, it will need all the picture quality it can get. In comparison, modern types of security cameras produce high-definition images that are of the same quality of those on your average television set – crystal-clear images with a great depth to zoom into. It's also worth remembering that generally, CCTV works as a deterrent –more 'sophisticated' shoplifters are aware of which systems are less likely to be able to identify them, for example.

To sum up, you should consider an upgrade if the image capture and recognition capability of the system at your disposal is largely inferior to what's available from modern cameras.

  • A restriction in coverage – Another issue with older types of cameras is that they have a very limited field of vision. The latest cameras are able to cover a much-wider area thanks to their greater manoeuvrability, ability to capture images at more angles and even in some cases, able to provide 360° of vision.

Consider an upgrade if you find that the coverage of your current cameras are severely restricted.

  • Not enough storage capacity – Today's world of fast-moving information that can be sent across wireless networks should be embraced (if not in the least that it saves storage space!) The classic perception of CCTV for many (aside from grainy images) is that their storage mediums are VHS tapes, optical disks and removable hard-drives. The problem is that these mediums are physical, they take up space – even their own security must be thought about. Today's cameras are able to link up with a virtual cloud to store all the information it has captured. The operator can simply request the footage they need, even scroll to a particular time of day that they're looking for with ease. No more worrying about 'taping over'footage, no more worrying about whether the storage will be compromised if it's left behind – and no more having to sit in the same place to view the footage.The cloud can be accessed by a multitude of devices anywhere there's an internet connection – ideal for the owner of a business that operates 24/7, who cannot be there all of the time.

Upgrade your system if you feel that the storage capabilities of your camera would be better served being accessed remotely.

  • Maintenance costs – Due to their age (it happens to us all), older systems will typically require regular servicing and maintenance in order to keep them running at their optimal levels. It isn't just a monetary cost that we're talking about here but the cost in time that it'll take to get in touch with security camera companies to carry out the work, the time it will take to do, the amount of time the cameras will be down for. Time is money in business and with modern systems requiring less maintenance, they will end up saving you much time and money in the long run.

Improve Your CCTV Security With Maxtag

Modern problems require modern solutions. Having seen both the retail landscape and the qualities of CCTV cameras change vastly over the years, we can honestly say that there has never been a better time to think about upgrading your security cameras.

The picture quality and wireless networking are two obvious standouts – but did you know that there is more to modern CCTV than just security? Cameras can also be used to produce analytics regarding the performance of stores, working as they do with computer software to create information on footfall, as well as staff and stock positions, amongst other important tasks.

If you would like to learn more about how a new CCTV camera from Maxtag can help to both protect and advance the effectiveness of your store, then please feel free to get in touch with us today. Give our security experts a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to

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