If you surveyed the public about security camera companies and 'why we need CCTV', one of the most popular answers (or perhaps THE most popular answer) would be 'to record incidents'. Whilst that is the most obvious role of security cameras, it's ultimately there as a safeguard; providing identifiable evidence of what has occurred – it doesn't actually prevent it from taking place.

What most people don't immediately think of, is that CCTV also works as a deterrent against crime – stopping people in their tracks before an incident takes place or escalates. That sounds like we've just contradicted ourselves there, doesn't it? How can a recording device that cannot prevent incidents from happening, deter incidents from happening?

The contradiction will only apply, however, if the operator simply uses their camera as a recording device – by understanding the different roles and techniques that can be applied to their cameras, can they then get the best out of them, including using it as a deterrent.

Techniques Security Camera Companies Use To Deter Crime

If you operate your own business, here are some common deterrents that can be used along with your security cameras:·

  • Psychological techniques. Ever been in a store where there's been signs placed around,warning you that 'you're on CCTV'?Been queuing up and seen security footage beaming back at you from the counter?These are two common psychological techniques that are designed to place the thought in a person's mind that they're being monitored. In most places, they are probably only being monitored by the camera, not a human*, so the camera is still playing its usual role – but once that thought is there it acts as a constant reminder and therefore, anyone with designs on theft (for example)will be made to think twice about their actions. In this event, it's far more likely that they'll desist and leave empty-handed. (*although some of the bigger stores, such as supermarkets, do employ staff just to monitor security camera footage in plain view of every customer who walks in – the best of both worlds)
  • Use HD CCTV, and draw attention to it. In a similar fashion, a great way to enforce that psychological trigger is to make use of security camera companies to attain more-modern security cameras that are able to generate high-definition images. Everyone knows what 'HD' is and therefore, they'll know that their every move will be sharply monitored. Drawing attention to the fact that you have such high-quality cameras on display will provide a great deterrent to anyone who may otherwise be thinking of 'chancing their arm' as they understand that not all CCTV is the same...
  • Replace older systems. CCTV is nothing new, of course; it's been commonplace for the best part of three decades in businesses across the country. This is something that isn't lost on the more 'sophisticated' characters who may indeed want to chance their arm and cause harm to a business. They will look at the quality and placement of cameras and plot ways to avoid detection, knowing that they will be less likely to be identified with a camera that is older than most of the current England football team. At least by investing in a more-modern system, your store will be providing that extra deterrent that may be key inputting them off their plans.
  • Placement of cameras. You can have the best quality cameras in the world but if they aren't pointing in the right areas, they're never going to provide a deterrent,nor record any usable evidence. By getting help from security camera companies to advise you on the key areas of your store to protect, as well as how you could better define its layout, you will have a much better chance of recording the right places – which then can be brought to people's attention.

By using these techniques, the deterrent it will create will help to prevent crime from occurring in your store, making for a happy environment for all. However, a deterrent is only ever an obstacle – so be sure that your business is always backed up by that safeguard; the ability to record incidents in clear, identifiable detail with HD CCTV.

Improve You Security Camera Network With Maxtag

If you've been searching for security camera companies that can help you to establish a more robust network, then look no further than Maxtag.

For over 20 years, we have been installing the latest security equipment in all manner of business operations across the UK. During our time in the industry, we have established relationships with some of the most innovative CCTV manufacturers around – such as Hikvision, who in 2016 awarded us as their 'Partner of the Year'. It's through these partnerships that helps us to source the very latest and the very best equipment for our clients.

So if you would like to learn more about how we can help your business to better manage its security, please feel free to give us a call today on 0800 044 3160. You can also send any queries via e-mail to enquiries@maxtag.com
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