The presence of a CCTV system in any commercial business is nothing new – the practice of making use of CCTV installers to place cameras in our businesses has been popular now for well over 20 years. However, many people still believe that these systems are just designed to capture footage from inside of the building and used as evidence whenever an incident rears its head – in fact, CCTV has a multitude of other benefits, aside from its abilities to record.

Advice From Experienced CCTV Installers

Here at Maxtag, we have been operating as CCTV installers and retail security vendors for over 2 decades now. Throughout that time, we have picked up a unique knowledge of retail security, as well as growing relationships with some of the most innovative and well-respected device manufacturers in the industry. As a result, we are able to offer not just great products that make a huge difference to the security of our clients, but also advice and assistance on how to get the best out of CCTV – so please read on to learn about the (other) benefits of CCTV.

The Not So Obvious Benefits of CCTV

  • Get A Discount On Your Property Insurance. An insurance company's game is risk; the higher the chances of them paying out on a policy, the more they'll charge for insurance to cover their costs in the event of a payout. Therefore, it stands to sense that a building that is able to pose less of a risk to the company paying out, is likely to be 'rewarded' with a lower insurance policy. As building insurance is mandatory in many cases, this offers an agreeable halfway house deal for the building operator and the insurance company – the operator gets their mandatory policy for a low price, whilst the company receive money safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to pay out.

    Making use of CCTV installers to implement a system within a building will help greatly with lowering those insurance rates. Research has shown that properties that have been monitored by cameras are less likely to be stolen from or damaged – apart from the fact they can record images, they also offer a deterrent that makes anyone with bad designs on the property, think twice.
  • Increase Your Deterrents With Signs. Whilst the obvious sight of a CCTV camera provides a deterrent for many, sometimes a literal sign is needed to get the message through to someone that the area is indeed being monitored. A great example is the use of signs and stickers in changing rooms of a clothing retailer – whilst the building operator cannot place cameras to monitor what happens inside of the changing rooms, they can place up signs that tell people that their exit from the changing rooms is being monitored. Often, this works to dissuade people who may have designs on stealing items via this classic method – the signs and CCTV working hand-in-hand to prevent shoplifting.
  • Footfall Analytics and Counting. One of the major benefits of modern CCTV installations have over their predecessors is their recording qualities. Classically, CCTV images have been portrayed as 'grainy footage that struggles to identify the features of a person'. Today, CCTV images can be recorded in high-definition, stored on The Cloud and transmitted to smartphones and tablets, live or recorded. With such depth of quality, CCTV images can be used to create statistics on your footfall – successfully and accurately counting how many people enter your store, which displays are interacted with the most – even which areas need more staff to attend to. Once you are able to understand your customer's behaviour, their buying patterns and trends, can you shape your store to better serve them – no doubt making for an increased level of business success.
  • Monitor Staff Performance. We'd love to be able to trust everyone in life, sadly the reality is very different. As a retailer, you're likely to employ people that you don't know very well and therefore, not aware of their nature or intentions. Whether they constantly turn up late, help themselves to stock or aren't where they're supposed to be in the store, a more-modern CCTV system can help to manage your staff, no matter where you may be.
  • Reporting Issues Outside Of The Property. It isn't just the inside of their buildings that operators wish to monitor; with incidences of traffic disruption, road closures, building works and anti-social behaviour regularly occurring outside of their properties, CCTV installers can provide building operators with the means to gather evidence to report to local authorities. Many incidents that occur outside a property won't strictly be a criminal act – but will still affect the business. As a result, CCTV images will help the business to make claims for loss of income due to the issues, or simply for some action to be taken.

Protect Your Property, With Maxtag

If you're looking to take advantage of the immense benefits that a modern CCTV installation can have on your business, then we at Maxtag can help. No matter the size of your business, your requirements or budget, we are able to put in place a system that is able to both protect and increase the effectiveness of your store.

If you would like to learn more about our services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert CCTV installers today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160, or send us an e-mail at

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