The advent of this summer's World Cup represents an exciting time for many; with teams and supporters from across the globe converging on Russia to win the biggest prize in football. For pubs, it represents a great opportunity to give their profit margins a much-needed boost. However, with an increased level of custom and the emotions that are a natural by-product of watching the matches, comes the potential of trouble.

Whether it's violence, criminal damage or theft, any pub or bar should be able to protect itself. This is where CCTV in pubs can help.

The Popularity Of The World Cup, Summing Up Why We Need CCTV In Pubs

Television has transformed football during the last 50 years or so. Following your team at a World Cup was mainly achieved through listening to the radio, reading newspaper reports or if you were fortunate, a trip to the cinema to see the newsreels. Nowadays, we have instant, high-definition access to all the games we could ever watch, either in the comfort of our own homes or, of course, in the pubs and bars.

This availability of matches has grown a culture of supporting your team from the television screen; with such emphasis placed on the coverage by broadcasters and the media in general, many people may get more excited about watching it on the television, than they would do if they were actually at the game! As such, the atmosphere at pubs that show the games can be fantastic; with every emotion on display during the dramatic 90 minutes, extra-time and penalties. Especially if England are playing.

Drama has two faces of course; on the other side of comedy (joy) is the tragedy (sadness). With so many emotions flying about the place, it's inevitable that sadness will turn to anger and incidents may arise regardless of the best intentions of everyone. CCTV in pubs can help when/if those emotions do boil over.

How Can CCTV Help?

With many people enjoying the games throughout the day, with no doubt many consuming alcohol, those emotions can be intensified. Here's how CCTV in pubs can help when it comes to treating any incidents:

  • Provides a deterrent. Most people are aware of the capabilities of HD CCTV. Able to record images that are as good as the pictures we get on the television screen, those who are aware of such a camera's capabilities are likely to think twice about indulging in any criminal behaviour. Making customers aware that they are indeed being monitored by CCTV (using signs) is an effective way of creating a deterrent, yet a safe atmosphere for genuine customers. Even if some do indulge in inappropriate behaviour, CCTV in pubs..
  • ...Provide evidence. Sadly, there may be occasions when very little can be done to prevent any incidents from occurring; the aforementioned emotions will lead people to perform instinctive actions. A high-quality CCTV system can at least monitor any incidents and record what has happened, providing evidence for the pub to pass along to the police.
  • Stop incidents from escalating. If a pub or bar employs any security staff, CCTV can help to monitor incidents and when/if one does occur, they can quickly and effectively attend the incident, helping to stop it from escalating. This will also give staff ample time to contact the police to further de-escalate/report the incident.
  • Organisation. Employing tactics and organising teams will be a massive part of the World Cup – they are also crucial for any packed pub and bar. CCTV for pubs can help staff to monitor the volume of people who are in the premises, giving them an idea of the remaining capacity. CCTV can also be used to improve the layout of the bar, to place staff in key areas, even to help sweep areas for any health and safety hazards.

Looking To Improve Your CCTV Security?

If you're looking for CCTV to improve your establishment's security for this summer and beyond, why not pass the ball over to (get in touch with) us here at Maxtag? For over 20 years, we have been providing CCTV systems to a wide array of public and private establishments – from retailers to hotels, schools and colleges to pubs and clubs.

During the last two decades, we have seen the qualities and abilities of CCTV improve vastly. Many CCTV in pubs may be older, less reliable systems with poor recording capabilities. With the picture qualities provided by a modern system, it will simply make for a better long-term investment for your establishment, as well as vastly improving your security.

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