Working with the public can be a rewarding and let's face it, a profitable, experience. Meeting and being of service to many different kinds of people can even allow you to hone your business and services to better cater to their demands. But working with the public always raises questions of security and safety – you simply do not know who is entering your establishment and what will occur when they do. As such, you need to be able to have a method of protecting your business, your staff and your customers. In this blog, we're going to look at the importance of CCTV in restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.

CCTV In Restaurants and Cafes.

The obvious benefit that CCTV in restaurants and cafes has is that it can be used to counter those people who try and sneak out without paying their bill. As paying after a meal is customary etiquette in the vast majority of dining establishments, it can be quite easy for anyone with intentions of doing so, getting away without paying. As such, you would need to devise a system of ensuring that your guests pay their bills – this is how CCTV can help.

By placing CCTV cameras in key points of the dining area, you'll be able to monitor and record those who you believe are about to make off without paying. You don't need to worry about setting that 'negative and watchful' atmosphere too, as with a modern CCTV installation, you can install these systems discreetly, allowing you to maintain the positive ambience of the room, creating only a positive experience for your genuine patrons.

Profit loss through theft, in dining establishments sadly extends to employee theft too. We'd all like to trust everyone, but sadly the reality is very different. CCTV in restaurants offer the ideal method to monitor staff movements in the restaurant and even work to uncover any possible profit lost through theft, or even through error or inefficiency.

Of course, when thinking about implementing a brand-new CCTV system within your dining room(s), it's important to consider the privacy of your patrons and staff. Discreet cameras are great at being just that – hardly noticeable – but with staff, especially, being a constant presence you don't want to have them feeling that their privacy is being invaded. Ensure that the areas you want to protect are designed for the public and always deal with transactions in this environment. Similarly, areas that are intended for work – such as kitchens and stockrooms – should also be monitored.

CCTV In Pubs and Bars.

Many of us like to unwind after a long day, or week – perhaps we're even celebrating something; this is a service that can be provided by any pub or bar. If you're looking for CCTV for your pub or bar, then it's likely you're needing the system to monitor and record any incidences of anti-social behaviour. Other factors that would be useful to record, include any external/internal thefts or even to allow staff to better-manage the capacity of the venue on a particular popular night.

As part of their licensing obligations, many pubs and bars will be required by their local authority to have a CCTV system installed anyway. However, it's possible that many of these establishments may be using outdated systems that make it difficult for staff to monitor, record and store any incidents. Not just that, but the placement of cameras could also be an issue – does your system provide coverage across the building? Does the camera have a clear field of view? By taking advice from professional CCTV installers, you can understand how best to place your cameras – as well as take advantage of modern CCTV installations that can produce images in high-definition, giving you a clear insight into any incidents that may occur in your establishment.

CCTV Solutions From Maxtag.

Here at Maxtag, we are professional CCTV installers with over 20 years of experience of providing CCTV in restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes – as well as for retailers and other public venues. The reason why we're able to stay a constant in the industry is due to our ability to change and adapt to modern technologies and trends when it comes to CCTV. Even during the last 2 decades, the abilities of the average CCTV camera has changed from ones that previously recorded low-definition images stored on physical media, to ones that can record images in high-definition, stored and accessed from a secure cloud platform via the web.

We can safely say that now represents the perfect time in which to invest in such a system – thanks to their abilities of recording, storage and the sheer scope that modern-day cameras have, they offer the best cost-effective solution in looking after the safety and security of your business operation and the people who may be present within it.

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