After being a staple of British television for over 30 years, this month saw the BBC pull the curtain down over their crime-appeals programme, Crimewatch. Since 1984, the programme has featured a wide array of incidents in order to gather intelligence from the public, as well as to raise awareness on crime prevention.

Featuring appeals for serious crimes, throughout the years the programme made CCTV in retail an increasing feature in their plea for information – so much so, that it went on to feature its own dedicated 'CCTV section' shown 15 minutes from the start and end of an episode. This, as you can imagine, gave a great boost to businesses and individuals who were victims of serious crime. With the disbandment of the programme, where can they turn to now?

Why Was Crimewatch Axed?

It's important to note that whilst Crimewatch has ended as a prime-time production, it's daytime consumer-related companion 'Crimewatch Roadshow' will continue. However, one of the reasons given for the decommissioning of the main Crimewatch programme was because of a falling audience rate – down nearly 14 million from its height of popularity. Being an appeals programme, the large audience has an obvious role to play in gathering information on incidents – so a vast reduction would mean that the information would reach fewer people. This is far from an oddity for television programmes nowadays, though; thanks to catch-up, on-demand and the internet, people watching live television has dropped dramatically anyway.

Perhaps the major reason is because of the instantaneous nature of the internet, which helps police forces to directly appeal to the public for information. Being easily shareable, news about crime appeals can spread much more quickly than they would have done via a television programme. Not just that, but the number of appeals can be increased too – whilst Crimewatch would only tend to feature serious crimes, police forces are able to relay appeals on all manner of crimes via the internet. As most of us have some kind of presence on social media, the abilities for crime agencies and affected businesses and individuals to appeal for information (using videos and pictures) following incident has got much easier – potentially reaching an audience numbering more than what Crimewatch ever did.

Another reason could be that the quality of CCTV has improved so much, that solving crimes such as thefts has become much easier. The classic exaggeration of CCTV (which was no doubt, amplified by Crimewatch) was that images from older types of CCTV were grainy and simply not of a decent enough quality to make out any features presented by the pictures. This is no longer the case, thanks to modern high-definition CCTV in retail.

The Benefits Of Modern CCTV.

One of the brilliant things about modern CCTV in retail is that it can link up seamlessly with the internet. This gives people the opportunity to view, store or share images no matter where they may be – giving them a better flexibility in regards to crime reporting.

In the past, in order to view live footage, a retailer would have to be present in the store's location. Thanks to the internet and cloud storage, this firmly remains a thing of the past. A modern HD CCTV system can deliver images to any type of internet-connecting device, giving a retailer the flexibility and peace of mind that they can check their store at any time they wish – and from any location, they wish too.

The other main benefits of installing modern CCTV in retail, include:

  • Ease of operation. It can be easy for someone to mistakenly think that modern technology, with their great functionality, can be hard to use; in fact, the opposite is true. The ease of use of the system will allow any retailer to quickly get used to its functions and pick up an understanding of how best it can serve their requirements.
  • High-Definition Recording. One of the major reasons why some people with intentions on shoplifting are discouraged from going ahead with it is the knowledge of the picture quality of a modern CCTV system. In the past, a larger percentage may have 'chanced their arm' due to older types of CCTV not producing clear pictures – this is no longer an issue.
  • Mix And Match Cameras. Best of all, a modern CCTV camera doesn't have to make a retailer rip up their existing CCTV infrastructure and start again – it can act as a conduit to provide better overall coverage of the store, working alongside existing cameras. This will provide a network that will provide a solution to giving complete and cost-effective security coverage to the store.

Looking To Improve Your CCTV Network? Look No Further Than Maxtag.

If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your existing CCTV network, or simply would like to replace your old, outdated system – then a modern HD CCTV camera is a must. Here at Maxtag, we attain our products from some of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, including Hikvision and Ivideon. With our CCTV equipment and software, you will be able to work with cloud storage, that will not only give you the opportunity to view your images live, on any device – but also securely store footage and access recordings whenever you need to. This is an all-purpose CCTV in retail solution that we have already carried out for many different types of retailers – as a result, it has had a major impact on the effectiveness of their security, improving the safety of their stores.

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