As one of the country's most illustrious areas, there is much value to protect in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Whether it's the spectre of shoplifting that continuously haunts retailers, or through more sinister internal stealing; much profit is lost through theft.

This is precisely why retailers in the local area should look at their security arrangements and allow CCTV installers in Chelsea to implement these changes, by installing modern high-definition CCTV cameras to deter, capture and provide evidence of thefts.

Why You Need To Protect Your Store, With CCTV Installers In Chelsea.

As recently as 2015, the British Retail Consortium revealed that theft accounted for over £600 million worth of loss – with Kensington and Chelsea being such a vibrant area, it isn't unreasonable to suggest that retailers in the local area will continue to be a target. In this blog, we're going to look at precisely who a retail store such be aware of – and what they can do to reduce such thefts.

Who Could Potentially Steal From Your Business?

In an ideal world, we'd love to trust everyone. Sadly, there are is an uncountable amount of factors at play as to why this is an impossibility – in such a world, all retailers need to protect their stock – it is after all, the lifeblood of any retail operation. Here are the different groups of people that may be liable to steal from your store:

  • Customers. As your doors are open to the public all day, you simply don't know who is going to be entering and viewing your stock. The hope for most retailers is that they will experience a busy day – being busy means you're making money, right? In many cases, people with designs on shoplifting will specifically target busy stores, simply because they know that they are less likely to be watched by staff. By enlisting the help of CCTV installers in Chelsea, you can monitor everyone inside the store and know exactly who is a genuine customer – and who isn't.
  • Employees. When you employ someone, the hope is that they will help the business to drive forward and be a success. Sadly, this isn't true of everyone and often, internal employee theft happens and is responsible for a huge amount of losses suffered by retailers. By implementing CCTV in and around the areas that could potentially give any ill-meaning staff member an opportunity to steal items (and making them aware of the fact) can you reduce the chances of thefts happening. So often retailers just concentrate on theft from the outside – sadly, the reasons why people steal aren't just confined to those outside of the business.
  • Suppliers. On a similar theme, any suppliers you may rely on to deliver stock, will have easy access to your goods – giving any ill-meaning people an opportunity to steal them. Placing CCTV in the areas that they deliver to, will give you ample coverage of how they operate when they're on your premises.
  • Contractors. If you're having some work done on the store by an external contractor, then how can you know that you're able to trust those with easy access to your stock? With the 'in and out' nature of contractors, this type of work attracts ill-meaning people who use the job to carry out thefts. You should only use services that you can verify as being trustworthy and as a secondary measure, use CCTV.

Reducing Retail Theft.

Aside from using CCTV to monitor the different areas of your store, there are a couple of other measures you can take to further help to reduce the prospect of profit loss through theft. These can be:

  • Inventory Management. So often thefts slip through the net because the business has a disorganised inventory. As such, you should take measures to better record, track and monitor the number of goods that you take delivery of, put on the shop floor and sell.
  • Educate Employees. As briefly mentioned earlier, educating your employees about shoplifting (and how the store has taken advantage of the great benefits of CCTV) shuts down any potential for them to think about stealing from you. It will also make them aware of the strict security policy of the store and be pro-active at reporting any suspicious behaviour in-store.
  • Better Store Organisation. Even with CCTV in place, a shoplifter will attempt to steal simply because the store is badly organised, in regards to its layout and the amount of high shelving units or unorganised stock scattered around. By bestowing an open plan layout, your staff – as well as your CCTV – will be able to see the full layout of the store, deterring any ideals of stealing that even the most ardent of shoplifter has.

Effective CCTV Solutions From Maxtag.

Here at Maxtag, we are CCTV installers in Chelsea who have been bestowing our security advice and products on retailers for over 2 decades now. Having witnessed so much change in the last 20 years, in regards to the capabilities of CCTV cameras and product tagging systems, we can say with some confidence that today represents the best time for any retailer to invest in a modern security system.

Take the CCTV camera – once notable for recording grainy pictures that hardly identified anything, with the resulting images kept on easy-to-lift, unreliable VHS tapes. Today, any retailer can take advantage of a CCTV camera that can record high-definition images – which can even identify what's written on a small label on a shelf – to provide the ultimate security measure. What's more – working with wireless technology and cloud storage, any worries about insecure storage of CCTV images is now a thing of the past. Quite simply, possessing modern CCTV is an absolute must for any forward-thinking retail operation.

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