Able to capture a particular area (or multiple areas) inside or outside a building, a CCTV camera is a handy device to have for anyone who needs to protect their property, and everything within it. If you're looking for security camera companies to provide you with robust, modern systems, have you considered how to protect the captured footage?

Why Security Camera Companies Advise Retailers To Protect Their CCTV Footage

The great thing about security cameras is that they also work as a deterrent to crime; on spotting a modern system especially, anyone with any intentions of causing harm to the property will at least think twice – making it less likely they'll go through with their objectives.

But what if they could access the footage?Today's security cameras are able to use the internet to store and send images,eliminating the reliance on insecure physical storage – but the possibility of someone gaining access is still an issue. For example, theft from staff is sadly a common problem – with access to security footage, a crime could be committed and images tampered with. Then of course, there's the potential of footage to be hacked – an exclusively Internet issue.

Therefore,as one of the leading security camera companies around, we've put together three main steps to take when it comes to protecting your CCTV footage.

Protecting Your Security Camera Footage

  • Keep Up, With Updates. Ensuring that your software is able to keep up-to-date with the latest versions is vital when it comes to protecting your footage. Software will eventually begin to become outdated over time and when this happens, vulnerabilities will be exposed, presenting opportunities for people to hack into the system and interfere with the footage. It's also worth remembering that issues associated with older systems may become known, so keeping your security camera system as new as you can, will close down any intelligence that anyone with nefarious intentions can use to gain access to the images. Also, if you have any devices that store the footage, it is always a good idea to keep their security software up to date too.
  • Change Passwords.The value of having a strong password should never be underestimated – but it is also wise to never overestimate the use of a strong password. The best way to ensure that any application with password functionality is doing its job efficiently is to change the words on a regular basis. Changing the password regularly, even if it is strong(containing number, numbers, characters and upper/lower case combinations) is an effective first point of security to protect your footage.

It is important to consider that you should not use any personal information(either concerning yourself, your property or business) that anyone can easily guess. Regularly using the aforementioned random combination of letters,numbers and characters is the most effective way of ensuring a strong, un-guessable password.

  • Not Taking Needless Risks. Moving from physical devices (computers,cassettes/discs, removable storage etc) to The Cloud to keep footage has been a triumph for convenience; making the theft of images almost redundant. Almost.

Not updating or having weak passwords can be defined as needless risks, but it's also worth thinking about who has access and how many people have access to the security system. Not taking any needless risks and only allowing a small number of people to have access will drastically improve the security of the footage. You should always control who can see recordings and ensure that the system is used only, for its intended purpose.

Whilst it's simply imperative for you to protect your camera and the images it captures, even before you install one, you should be able to ensure that it is the right system for your requirements – this is where we can help.

Choose Maxtag For High-Quality Retail Security

Here at Maxtag, we have been operating within the retail security industry for over 20 years now; providing our clients with high-end technology and advice on how to protect their properties. Over this time, we have grown to be one of the leading security camera companies in the South of England, with much of our work also occurring throughout the UK.

This reputation has allowed us to build relationships with some of the most innovative CCTV providers around – our work with Hikvision has seen us fit out a range of retail stores and leisure facilities. Regardless if you require an entire new security camera infrastructure or just a single camera, we can help you to establish a bespoke set-up. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

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