As the year draws to an end, retailers will no doubt be busy – with pre-Christmas sales, Boxing Day sales and then New Years' sales all capturing the attention of an interested consumer base. With the upturn in visitors, thoughts about security will naturally come to the fore for retailers – you simply do not know the intentions of every single person who enters the store.

If you run a retail operation, why not start 2018 by using CCTV installers to implement cross-store CCTV coverage to monitor the security of your operation? Even if you already have a system in place, can you be certain that it offers adequate coverage? In just a few years, the abilities of CCTV cameras has changed vastly – today, you can take advantage of high-definition, fully scalable CCTV that is able to store images virtually, on cloud storage.

How Can CCTV Installers Help To Protect My Store?

It's all thanks to the rapid development of CCTV technology that has put an end to the more 'traditional' tactic of a shoplifter taking a chance and stealing from a store. They did this, simply because they knew that the likelihood of them getting away was high – often, stores would use inadequate CCTV which would only capture poor-quality images. Therefore, if they were captured on camera, the features made out would be extremely difficult to make out.

Today's world is very different – with HD, CCTV installers can provide a system that can capture crystal-clear images from a much wider area of the store. Being aware of this, it's more likely that any potential shoplifter won't take that chance and steal – even if they do, you will have a video of them in the act, which can be passed to the relevant authorities or even shared on the internet. You cannot do that with a VHS tape!

Another benefit of changing your old CCTV for modern, HD models is for their storage capabilities. Whilst CCTV of the past required physical media – such as the aforementioned VHS tapes – the footage from modern systems can be sent to a secure hard-drive in another location, or can be simply stored on the Cloud. This gives you the option of accessing the footage wherever you may be – ideal if you can't be present at your store all day.

More Reasons Why You Should Install An All-Purpose CCTV Solution For 2018

Of course, there is more to installing a CCTV system than to capture theft on your premises. No matter the time of year, situations may arise which could require the need for you to present evidence. Being high-definition and able to cover large areas of the store, a CCTV system offers the ideal evidence-gathering solution.

Some other reasons as to why you'll need HD CCTV may be:

  • Damages – Another major criminal act to occur in stores, is the prospect of stock or the interiors of the building being damaged. A camera can simply capture the evidence of such events occurring and resolve any issues.
  • Safety – With the presence of HD CCTV in store, staff and your genuine customers will feel more secure and able to go about their duties/shopping experience, safe in the knowledge that they will be protected.
  • Evidence Against Litigation False claims are sadly very commonplace in public places; with CCTV able to capture evidence of such incidents, your store can prevent any false claims from being brought against it.
  • Analytics – Did you know that CCTV can work with computer software to provide an accurate report of how your store is performing? Together, they can count the number of people who enter the store, which can then be calculated against the number of actual sales. It doesn't stop there – this analytics system can monitor the behaviour of shoppers within the store; whether they make repeat visits and even observe the number of people who look at a window display but don't enter the store. These statistics can be provided in real-time, so you can be aware of what is happening in the store at any time.
  • Stock/Staff Rotation – Imagine if a customer enters your store for a particular product and cannot find it. They would probably seek out a staff member to help. Now imagine if it's a particularly busy time and a staff member isn't available right away – what would the customer do now? They'll probably not want to wait and instead go elsewhere to find the product that they're seeking. CCTV installers can implement cameras that can monitor stock levels and even which areas of the store experience the most visits. This means that you can be aware, in real-time, of which stock items need replenishing AND which areas need more staff to be present in order to assist customers.

Maxtag – Experienced UK-Wide CCTV Installers

Here at Maxtag, we are CCTV installers with over 20 years of experience in providing our clients with a wide range of security solutions. These include; HD CCTV, tagging and alarm systems, as well as analytical software that uses CCTV to monitor the performance of the store. Constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of the changing technology within the industry during our time, we can confidently say that now offers the best time in which to implement a brand-new CCTV system in your store. Not only can you glean the benefits outlined here but as time has moved on, the cost to manufacture these systems has declined, making them affordable for all.

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If you would like to learn more about how an HD CCTV system can help to improve the security and functionality of your store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly CCTV installers today. You can give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at

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