In recent years, the cloud has emerged as the digital world’s ‘the next big thing’.

Research shows that the cloud is at the forefront of technological creativity, with statistics hinting that by 2020, 71% of people will no longer be working on a traditional general-purpose PC, instead opting to work in internet-based applications.

The cloud allows for a vast amount of uses; from data storage and management, through to content managing, gaming and market research. Cloud-based and IP CCTV security services mark the natural progression in the expansion of the cloud.

The benefits to IP CCTV security and cloud-based CCTV are many and varied, the most obvious of these being their immense efficiency. Cloud-based CCTV means convenient, centralised video data; it removes the need for the expensive installation of a central CCTV station. These stations often consume large amounts of space, and the process of analysing a large number of screens, themselves containing multiple images, is a time-consuming one.

Its efficiency is also apparent in the flexible nature of cloud-based CCTV. Maxtag specialise in retail security; so to put its flexibility into context, retail staff can react quickly to an incident or crime by having instant access to CCTV footage and can take the appropriate action immediately.

Having CCTV data available on the cloud is significantly more secure. One of the major drawbacks to a large-scale video playback centre is that data can be corrupted or manipulated. Cloud-based CCTV combats these possibilities by eliminating the risk of disc failures and by handing you direct control over the footage collected. Furthermore, Maxtag offer security systems for laptops and tablets.

So where do Maxtag fit into all this?

Well, we are one of the pioneers of IP CCTV security in the UK, providing the installation of retail security, retail tagging, security tagging, and CCTV systems for shops and restaurants. Maxtag afford this service to an established group of UK retail giants including: All Saints, Cath Kidston, Sports Direct, Paul Smith and Paperchase.

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