Thanks to the abilities of the modern CCTV camera, it can be easy to assume that it doesn't need any management or ongoing maintenance to safeguard its operation. Whilst it's true that they require a lot less TLC than older systems, there are still a few things you may not have considered that could still affect their operation.

As experienced security camera installers here at Maxtag, we know just how easy it is for any type of security system to prove ineffective – whether it's due to age, bad placement, the condition of the environment it's in or it's simply not being used correctly, there are so many factors at play. Even great systems still need to be given the attention they need to operate.

Things You May Not Have Considered – Advice From Professional Security Camera Installers

The benefits of installing a CCTV system are of course plentiful, but over time, they can be helped along by undertaking a number of simple tasks. The list below is comprised of the little things that are so often overlooked – however, these 'little things' often build up to affect the operation of the CCTV system.

  • The cleanliness of the cameras. It's always important to keep your CCTV cameras clean; not only can dust and dirt affect the operation of the camera, it can also work as a sign to would-be performers of anti-social behaviour that you do not take your security seriously and thus offers them a green light to go about their intentions. Aside from minimising the deterrent effect of the camera, if the lens of the camera were to become dirty it will struggle to identify any burglars or vandals who may harm your property. It only takes a couple of seconds to clean a camera every couple of weeks – failure to do so may be highly detrimental.
  • Installing signs. Placing signs warning people to the fact that there is CCTV 'watching them' is another obvious, but often overlooked aspect of establishing a security camera infrastructure. It places a thought in the mind of a visitor, perhaps affecting how they may behave in-store. It may deter potential burglars or vandals from their intentions, simply because their attention has been drawn to the fact that security cameras are installed and their every move is being watched. Keep them clean and you've got a pretty effective team of deterrents!
  • Using sensor lights. Ideal for outdoor security, sensor lights make a great companion to CCTV cameras. By installing a light that switches on whenever someone moves in its vicinity offers a good deterrent and also provides good lighting for the CCTV camera to capture what's going on. Many people's natural response to a light switching on would be to look immediately at the source – if you're able to place a camera right next to it, it will be in full view. For any potential trespasser, this will go far in dissuading them from following up their intentions of entering or damaging your property.
  • Ensuring the correct time and date. Not having the correct time and date was often an issue with older CCTV systems. Whilst they may be effective at capturing footage of a crime on camera, an incorrect date and time doesn't offer any insight into when the incident occurred – often the key part in providing evidence. If you have an old system, ensure that it always displays the correct time and date. Perhaps consider allowing security camera installers to provide you with a new system? Incorrect time and dating are much less of a problem with more-modern CCTV cameras, as their connection to the internet provides them with an automatic update.

CCTV security systems offer great benefits towards capturing culprits of crime, which is why you should always look to maintain them. By keeping them clean and letting everyone know they're being recorded by CCTV is a great way to provide a deterrent also. Should they go ahead with their intentions regardless, you'll at least have evidence of the incident – having the correct time and date will help to seal that evidence when it's passed along to the authorities. These are simple tips but they can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your security infrastructure, so bear them in mind.

Improve Your CCTV Infrastructure With Maxtag

If you're looking to make the most out of your CCTV, or are looking to install the latest cameras, then the team here at Maxtag are on hand to offer our industry-leading advice. For over 20 years we have been advising, retailing and installing the latest in security devices to shop and building owners alike.

Not just that but we are also able to provide you with a whole range of modern high-definition CCTV cameras. Whether you need a single camera or to establish a whole network, our security camera installers can work with you to create a bespoke solution that will take into account the different aspects of your property and what you are looking to achieve.

If you would like to learn more about how we are able to help you to create a robust security camera installation to protect your property, then please feel free to get in touch with our security experts today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to us at

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