Having spent over 20 years in the retail security business, we have seen much change in the technology and trends offered by CCTV security systems. Our longevity in the industry has been achieved thanks to us moving and adapting with the latest innovations – today is no different. In our latest move to bring the best, most up-to-date retail security solution to our clients, we are delighted to be able to present the ultimate in cloud-to-camera solutions, from our partners at Ivideon.

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Who are Ivideon? How Can They Improve My Existing CCTV Security Systems?

Ivideon are manufacturers of CCTV security management software that has been specially designed to work as a conduit between your existing CCTV system and cloud storage. Their software provides a much-easier and secure process for you to access and store your CCTV images; previously, your images may have been sent from your camera to an NVR, then a server and an operator before arriving at your device. The software provided by Ivideon takes advantage of fast and secure cloud storage – your images can now be sent from your camera, to the cloud and onto your device; cutting down on the time and the less-secure nature provided by the previous system(s).

Throughout the last 2 decades, we've seen the storage methods of CCTV images vastly change – from VHS to DVD and hard drives, each with their benefits and downfalls. The common issue with them all was that they were physical media – easily accessed by the wrong type of people. Today, we can take advantage of virtual cloud storage that is able to store those all-important images on an off-site server in order to ensure that the footage recorded stays secure. This is just one of many benefits provided by Ivideon's cloud storage system.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Their Security Software?

Operating from 15 data centres throughout the world, Ivideon is a global leader in secure cloud storage. Generally supplementing your existing CCTV security systems, Ivideon's software can provide you with more benefits, including:

  • A better-defined security solution that is able to keep an eye on your business and its employees at any time – no matter where you may be. The easy nature of using software will allow you to access live or recorded images no matter where you may be – or what type of device (PC/laptop/smartphone/tablet) you use. So as a business owner, you should feel able to go on those business trips or holidays without experiencing any undue worry about the security of your business.
  • The quicker operation of the system will allow you to be able to better-prevent any thefts – not to mention capture and save them as evidence in a secure storage medium. You can also ensure that your employees are positioned where they need to be, in order to back up the CCTV – as well as be on hand to offer assistance to customers.
  • Quicker operation will also allow you to improve customer service – any mistakes that are made can be corrected in real time or reviewed in the archive. Similarly, you can spot any areas that require staff assistance, ensuring that customers can make the right purchase and walk away feeling happy.
  • The software can also provide a great statistical look at how your business performs – for example, it can work with your existing CCTV security systems to accurately count how many people enter the store, compared to those who make purchases. This will give you scope to make changes to a whole host of things – whether it's products, their displays or the staff who are assigned to such areas. With you able to better-define your business, it will be better placed to take advantage of the custom that enters your store.
  • What's more, the software helps you to account for your stock – no longer do you need to pay for a team of merchandisers to make the rounds of your locations. A simple piece of software with a camera will give one person the ability to do the work themselves.

Quite simply, Ivideon provides a modern security software solution that simplifies the image transfer process and offers a wide range of other benefits that will help your business to improve its running – as well shoring up the existing security arrangements.

Ivideon Retail Security Software, From Maxtag.

No matter what type of commercial property you are in charge of, we can assure you that Ivideon's software will help to simplify and improve the monitoring process of your CCTV security systems. Whether it's a retail store, restaurant, hotel, office, school...the list of establishments that are able to take advantage of the system is virtually endless.

Many Ivideon users regularly use the software for things beyond security – as an example, you can even broadcast live events from your location thanks to the short method of communication between your camera and the cloud that connects a user's device to it.

All of the equipment and software that is included as part of our product ranges here at Maxtag, are all sourced from the world's leading manufacturers. We believe that there should be no half-measures when it comes to security – this is why we work hard to ensure that we are able to retail only the best security solutions, for the most cost-effective of prices.

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