When it comes to managing the security of their store, the ability for a retailer to monitor all of the key areas at the same time is of paramount importance. Not only is the coverage important, but so too is the quality that the cameras are able to record, send and store their images. Such a complete network can be provided by IP CCTV Systems.

What Are IP CCTV Systems?

IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV cameras are able to send and receive data (images) through a local network, making it possible for the user to have a well-defined security network. Images can be sent through an NVR (Network Video Recorder) through the usage of Wi-Fi or The Cloud; making for a much quicker and safer delivery and storage method than older analogue systems, that use physical storage media.

What Are The Advantages of IP CCTV Over Older Systems?

Within the last decade or so, the abilities of CCTV cameras have vastly improved; whereas for many years, analogue systems that recorded and stored images on videotape, optical discs and hard-disks were a constant for many years; today we are able to watch high-definition images that can be stored virtually. This makes these better images more secure and what's more, they can be delivered to a plethora of modern devices – such as mobile phones and tablet devices (you can't realistically do that was a VHS recorder!)

Just some of the main advantages of IP CCTV systems include:

  • Better image quality. Perhaps the preeminent advantage of modern IP CCTV systems over older types of CCTV is that the cameras are able to record images at a much higher resolution. These high-definition pictures will give the retailer a much better view of what happens in their stores and if needed, ample opportunity to clearly identify incidents and perpetrators of crime.
  • Better coverage. As they're able to view and record the areas that they've been assigned to in a much higher quality, IP CCTV systems are able to cover a much wider area than older, analogue systems. In fact, it's possible for one IP camera to cover the same area that would have required as many as four analogue cameras. Not only do they offer better coverage with better imagery, they could prove to be more cost-effective in the long term too.
  • Peerless playback. Another major benefit that IP systems have, is that their playback and searching functions are much better than older systems – even DVR's (Digital Video Recorder). An NVR can include a feature in which a certain section of the camera's pictures can be 'cut out' and searched for activity.
  • Flexibility and shareability. The flexible nature of IP CCTV systems is best summed up by the fact they can be used alongside other types of CCT. If a retailer has already made a significant investment in their CCTV infrastructure in recent years, a single IP system can act as a conductor of this network, of sorts – directing these cameras and collecting the footage they record.
  • Endless opportunities for expansion. Creating a bespoke network shouldn't be hamstrung by a limit of how many cameras are used; nor should the retailer have to purchase a set number of cameras, some of which they won't need. This is the issue with older types of CCTV – such networks can only be expanded by adding 4, or even 16, cameras at one time. With IP CCTV, this isn't an issue – retailers can grow their networks 1 camera at a time to create their own bespoke coverage. This way, they can cover the areas they need to, without having to spend more on cameras that they may not need.

Perhaps the ultimate reason that retailers should turn to IP CCTV systems is that they are the future – we live in a high definition world where we can send high-quality images over wireless connections to/from televisions, mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. With the sheer depth of recording ability alone, it's simply inevitable that IP will become the industry standard sooner rather than later – so if you're a retailer looking to improve your in-store security, there has been no better time than now to invest in such a system.

High-Definition IP CCTV, From Maxtag

If you are indeed looking to take advantage of the networking benefits provided by IP CCTV systems, then you've found the right place here at Maxtag. Regardless of your requirements, the size of your premises, or even what budget you have available, we are able to put in place a bespoke security system that will protect and even improve the effectiveness of your operation.

If you would like to learn more about this, or on any other aspect of retail security that you may have questions about, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at enquiries@maxtag.com.

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