A security camera installation is an ideal tool to use to help make a business, its employees and its customers feel safe. Acting as a deterrent, it can work to put off would-be offenders from going through with any nefarious intentions they may have in mind. Even if the worst comes to the worst and they do go through with them, the business will at least have footage of any incidents. Well, that's the hope, anyway…

The trouble is that too many businesses may be operating obsolete, damaged or ineffective CCTV systems. So if you run your own business,how can you identify these issues and know when the time is right to call in CCTV Installers?

Factors You Need To Consider Before Calling In Professional CCTV Installers

If your existing CCTV cameras are either old, badly positioned or configured incorrectly, then the likelihood of them capturing anything of note would be extremely low – not only will you be providing would-be offenders with encouragement to go through with their intentions and not have the images of the incident taking place, you'll also be wasting an investment.

Here are some factors you should consider when evaluating your current system:

  • The setup/configuration of the camera
  • The quality of the images – The issue with older systems is just that – they're behind the times. The last decade alone has seen a vast change in how CCTV systems are able to capture, record, send or store images. It's possible to record or stream live images in full HD, with smartphone and tablets being the device on which they're played back – rather than a dusty monitor in the backroom of the same building. Check how many pixels your existing camera is able to record at and see if it can effectively pick out a target in its field-of-monitoring;if it cannot, you will need a new system.
  • The positioning of the cameras – Are the cameras able to view a wide area from where they're positioned? If they're unable to, whether it's through blockages or because of a breakdown in the mechanism, CCTV installers cannot only provide you with a better system but also offer advice on better placement too.
  • The lighting – How does the current camera installation respond to the natural changes in lighting? There is a huge difference between the level of light emitted during the day and night, so understanding how your camera can pick out features in all manner of lighting conditions is an important factor in its ongoing performance.
  • The maintenance of the camera – How often have your CCTV cameras been serviced?If you're struggling to remember the last time, then it's possible that they could be suffering from a number of defects. You should ensure that your cameras are cleaned and checked for faults on a regular basis.
  • The performance of the camera – In order to ensure the ongoing high-performance levels of your CCTV camera, you should undertake a performance check of all of its features on a regular basis. How well does the camera tilt-pan-and-zoom?Can it pick out close-up images and zoom out quickly? Even if you don't feel the need to use all of the features available – how do you know that you won't need them in the future? In that case, you'll need to know that a) they work,and b) how to operate them.
  • Other security features, aside from the camera – Whether it's the placement of signs notifying that visitors are being watched by CCTV, or if there's a local partnership scheme that you can join (in which CCTV resources/intelligence is shared between nearby buildings) there are many other security features that can work alongside (and with) a CCTV installation.
  • Attaining advice from professional CCTV installers – There are many security cameras out there that have been installed and only ran off their factory settings. A professional CCTV installer can offer advice on how to get the most from your cameras. Quite simply, by making use of a CCTV installation service to cast an expert eye over your existing security camera infrastructure, you'll be giving yourself the best opportunity to reduce your losses and maximise your investments.

Protect Your Business, With Maxtag

Whether you're looking to improve the operation of your existing CCTV network or would simply like to replace any old, outdated cameras you have, the team here at Maxtag are dedicated to helping you to achieve an effective security solution. Having spent 20 years in the security camera installation industry, we can say with some confidence that today represents the ideal time for a business to invest in a new system.

The best investments are the ones that pay themselves backquickly with interest – able to capture images in HD, securely store them onThe Cloud and/or sending them remotely via the internet to any device you maybe using (let alone their vastly superior networking and manoeuvrability), theyrepresent a wise choice for any forward-thinking business. Why not get in touchwith us to learn more?

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