Having been operating within the security industry for over 20 years here at Maxtag, we constantly keep on top of our product lines, giving our clients only the latest and very best security technology. Throughout our history, we have partnered up with the most innovative and leading manufacturers – one such relationship we have built up, is with world-renowned CCTV manufacturer, Hikvision.

As a Hikvision CCTV installer, we have installed CCTV cameras in a wide array of public and private buildings – from retail stores to pubs and restaurants, schools and colleges. If you're looking to better protect your business operation with CCTV, read on to find out how we can help.

How Can A Hikvision CCTV Installer Help My Business?

CCTV is, of course, nothing new. For many years now, we have been used to living in a country that is constantly under surveillance. Whilst they have been no doubt useful over the years, time ages us all and quite simply, many older types of CCTV simply cannot perform as well as modern systems do.

A classic reputation that CCTV once had was that the images they recorded were not of a great quality – the ability for one to produce clear, identifiable images was rare. Being well aware of these limitations, a shoplifter in a retail store, for example, may well have gone ahead and stolen items regardless. As such, many old CCTV cameras were effectively used as deterrents and even dummy security devices became commonplace. The trouble is, they are easy to spot by the more sophisticated of shoplifter too.

Within the last decade, high-definition screens have become a staple of our homes – able to bring us high-quality pictures and audio in sharp detail and better focus, we are able to get even more out of our viewing experiences. This same innovation has now been applied to CCTV. It is possible for building owners to monitor and record images in HD, providing them with the best opportunity yet to identify elements within their monitoring areas. Hikvision's H.265+ can record footage at a resolution of 1080p – also known as Full HD.

This increase in monitoring quality has opened up a whole new world of CCTV possibilities – aside from improving security, a Hikvision CCTV installer can help stores to implement HD cameras to clearly see the layout of their buildings, helping them to manage it better. Cameras can even be used to count the number of people who enter, and also to work with computer software to calculate an accurate footfall rate. Speaking of computers, gone are the days when footage was kept on tapes, discs or even hard drives – CCTV footage can be stored on a secure cloud, which can be accessed by the user from any compatible device, no matter where they may be.

With so many benefits, it is no surprise to see that many forward-thinking businesses are turning to modern CCTV cameras, not just to improve their security, but also to advance their general operation.

Who Are Hikvision?

Founded in 2001, Hikvision has grown into a world-leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions and products. With over 20,000 employees worldwide, over 9,000 of which work in their research and development department, the company constantly strive to improve the capabilities of their products – at least 7% of their annual sales revenue is reinvested in their R&D department.

The company's aim is to advance the core technologies behind video and audio encoding, as well as video image processing and data storage. During recent years, they have embraced and furthered their understanding of cloud storage, big data and deep learning – something which has now been reflected in their new products, as we outlined last year when we blogged about their new H.265+ surveillance camera.

Perhaps best of all, the company understand that not every building or the people who operate it are the same or have the same goals. This is why they have improved their products to meet the needs of a vast array of industry requirements; whether it's public security, education, healthcare, financial, transportation, energy – a Hikvision CCTV installer is able to even implement one of their products to work in tandem modern 'intelligent buildings'.

Hikvision's constant strive to be innovative exactly matched our own ethos here at Maxtag – which is why we are delighted to have partnered with the company to bring their products to our clients.

Protect Your Building With Modern CCTV.

If you would like to learn more about how a Hikvision CCTV installer can help you and your business, please feel free to give our security experts a call today on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at enquiries@maxtag.com

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