The key component of providing a great environment in which to learn, will be safety. If pupils feel comfortable,they'll feel engaged. If they're engaged, they'll be inspired. If they're inspired, they'll be able to let loose their creativity and thinking, as they learn something new. Sadly though, there are many barriers to providing that safe environment. Perhaps the most prominent is the prospect of bullying.

In this blog, we're going to look at how the effects of bullying can be detected with the help of CCTV installers for schools.

How CCTV installers for schools help to curb bullying

Whilst bullying is a problem in many walks of life, the behaviour first manifests itself (and is more widespread) in schools. Not only does school bullying involve regular physical abuse, but bullying (or the mere threat of it) can have a huge effect on a child's mental health too. All this does is to leave the victim becoming withdrawn, unable to focus and will eventually lead to them being absent.

Whilst schools take the prospect of bullying seriously (with the roll out of many a great initiative to prevent incidents), sadly confrontations do still happen. The key to prevention is being able to spot and deal with incidents before they continue to cause a huge issue for the victim(s). This where CCTV installers for schools can help.

As security cameras are able to monitor and record any incidents that occur in corridors, playgrounds and classrooms, they are able to present clear evidence of what is happening throughout the school.This insight allows the school to create an improved culture, intervening at the right times, showing pupils that certain behaviours will not be tolerated.Through this culture, the school will have the opportunity to create a safe and fun environment that is more conducive to learning.

What are the benefits of security cameras for schools?

One of the first things that people will talk about when CCTV is mentioned is the technical qualities of the system; can it do what I need it to do. Either through age or simply through a lack of capability, many security camera systems out there will not be fit for purpose. There has even been concern that CCTV is too intrusive and can be off-putting for dedicated students. With those concerns, here are the benefits that CCTV installers for schools (with their modern systems) can bring:

  • Better image quality. One of the more obvious benefits of today's security cameras is their ability to produce images in high definition. This allows the user to be able to pick out details much easily, gathering usable evidence of incidents and any participants. Through this, the school can quickly deal with confrontations or any other type of incident.
  • Addressing behaviours/changing them for the better. Knowing that they're being monitored by security cameras will make people think twice about any nefarious intentions they may have. The likelihood is that if they have to think twice, they probably will desist from going through with their plans. In the long-term, this could help to change their behaviour – they'll realise that such 'plans' are futile and not worth even considering in future.
  • Cameras can be relatively discreet. On the other hand, knowing that their every move is being watched, the constant presence of security cameras may leave some people uncomfortable. A balance can be struck – the CCTV cameras of today can be relatively discreet, not immediately noticeable, like the big and clunky cameras of years gone by. By informing pupils that they're being monitored, the lack of a visible presence will find that balance – the cameras will still be able to monitor, record and deter, as well as ensuring that pupils feel safe and not ill at ease.
  • Great connectivity and storage capabilities. Thanks to the internet becoming faster and more accessible within the last couple of decades, CCTV installers in schools are able to create bespoke camera networks in the buildings they work in. This allows schools to have reliable coverage across all of the areas they need to monitor, with everything being transmitted to a single, easily managed console.

In terms of storage, the user of the system no longer has to rely on physical media to keep their images on. CCTV camera footage can be stored automatically on the virtual 'Cloud', leaving it less likely to be compromised. Also, the digitisation of the footage also makes for easy navigation too; allowing the user to quickly find the information they're searching for – no rewinding or fast-forwarding for hours on end!

That was just an example of the many benefits that CCTV cameras for schools can have towards handling incidences of bullying. If your educational establishment is searching for a reliable security camera service to improve its safety and to promote a happy and harmonious atmosphere, then you've found the right place here at Maxtag.

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