CCTV in retail stores offers an obvious aid in cracking down on shoplifting. But there are other not-so-obvious duties that CCTV can help retailers with. One of these is health and safety. The very foundation of any public building should be able to protect those who operate inside it. Modern CCTV, with their abilities to monitor in high-definition, motion-detect – even able to pick up clear audio – can help any business owner to effectively manage the security and safety of their stores, in order to provide a safe environment for staff and customers alike.

Health and Safety Aspects Of CCTV in Retail

Here are some health and safety risks prevalent in retail stores that CCTV can help with:

  • Slips and trips are a very common cause of injury for staff and customers in a retail store. The majority of accidents occur when smooth-cleaned floors are left wet or if any spills aren't cleaned up quickly and effectively. Another cause could even be the failure to keep the shop floor free from any hazards. CCTV in retail can be employed to record how in-store cleaners go about their work and that they're complying with the health and safety policies set out by the company. CCTV can also protect the store from any false ligation by customers who may use a slip and trip as an exploitative opportunity.
  • Manual handling is a vital factor in the safe running of any retail store that requires the movement of any large stock items. Employers should be able to assess risk and implement effective control measures. CCTV can help to monitor manual handling in both 'front of house' retail areas, and the stock rooms, corridors and delivery areas that comprise of the 'back of house'. A well-placed camera can help a retailer to effectively monitor the techniques used to achieve all of the tasks involved, as well as the safety of the work environment, the loads involved and the individual capacity of the employee.
  • Workplace violence is another vital aspect of workplace health and safety that CCTV in retail can help to reduce the risk of (as well as record any incidents/monitoring them as they unfold). Employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees; this is covered as part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The Health and Safety Executive describes workplace violence as, “Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work". This can refer to a multitude of different things; from physical violence (hitting, kicking, pushing, spitting) to extreme violence with weapons, verbal abuse (shouting, swearing, insults of any nature) and threats or intimidation. If incidents like this occur, CCTV can help to monitor the situation, to mobilise security and to provide recordings of crucial evidence.

CCTV: A Great Deterrent

Picking up on the theme of retail crime; one of the biggest roles a CCTV system can play is by offering a deterrent. When you've perused through a retail store, have you ever seen the 'you're on CCTV signs'? This is a classic way for retailers to draw a person's attention to the fact that they're in view of a camera; working as a deterrent. With older types of CCTV varying in abilities – many record poor-quality images on antiquated storage methods – the ability of a retailer to manage the health and safety, as well as the security aspects of the store may be hamstrung.

As CCTV in retail has grown more sophisticated in recent years, what with the advent of high-definition images, the general public have become more aware of their abilities. For genuine customers, who just want to shop in comfort, this provides them with the knowledge that they needn't worry about their safety – everything is being monitored. Similarly, the staff can get on with their jobs knowing that their welfare is being looked after.

For those people with designs on causing harm though, a modern HD CCTV system can help to potentially deter them from undertaking a criminal act. Knowing that their actions are being monitored and recorded, many won't risk indulging in any acts that may see them ultimately prosecuted. Those that carry on regardless, will of course, be recorded and caught in the act.

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