There has never been a better time to protect your property with CCTV; modern innovations have allowed security camera companies to create high-definition, fully manoeuvrable, internet-connecting cameras that provide their operators with an even wider range of flexibility than ever before. So where next for the CCTV camera industry?

Regardless of the industry in mind, automation seems to be the next step in their evolution – and CCTV is no different. Machine learning techniques are being tested in the hope that they'll provide CCTV cameras with the ability to spot 'troubling behaviour' without the need for a human operator. The idea offers the ultimate flexibility – but how far are we realistically off it being rolled out at a retail store near you?

AI CCTV – The Next Big Thing For Security Camera Companies?

The Japanese telecom giant, NTT East and security camera provider, Earth Eyes Corp, have teamed up to create and test a new camera that uses artificial intelligence to operate. Entitled the 'AI Guardman', the camera takes advantage of open source technology (developed by Carnegie Mellon University) to scan live video streams and estimate the body positions it can see.

In their article on the news, The Verge has compared it to a Microsoft Kinect camera, which gives users the ability to control and interact with their computer without the need for a controller. Once the AI Guardman matches a body position with predefined data it holds regarding 'suspicious behaviour', it will alert the operator via an app.

Having been in development for a number of years, it's only recently that NTT East and Earth Eyes have been able to test their AI wireless security camera. Initial tests seem to have been positive – The Verge report that the AI Guardman apparently reduced shoplifting incidents by around 40 per cent in the stores it was tested in. However, like the article states – these results should be taken with a pinch of salt (or probably a fistful); it's unknown what type of security camera the tested stores already had (if any), to compare to the AI camera.

However, the theory behind the idea is a solid one – AI is increasingly growing in influence in our world; you just have to look how our mobile phones use voice searches or how websites present tailored adverts to us to understand the influence machine learning already has. Not having to worry about the security of their store, AI will eventually give business owners and staff alike the ability to better define their roles, opening themselves up to a new range of possibilities.

Realistically, the idea of an AI security camera that is able to perform effectively is something that will require many years of further development and many more beyond that before it can become affordable for everyone.

So What Can Stores Turn To In The Meantime?

Although we may be quite some time away from the ultimate flexibility provided by AI, we shouldn't be waiting around to improve our existing CCTV infrastructure. If you operate a building, it could be the case that the current CCTV at your disposal isn't effective in tracking, recording or storing any potential criminal incidents.Whether this is because the abilities of the CCTV system has grown obsolete over time or if it has simply broken down, then you need to think about making the use of CCTV installers to create a new one.

Modern CCTV cameras stand out for their vastly superior recording and storage capabilities – whilst older types of cameras may record pictures that would be difficult to make out when zoomed into, the 1080p+ image quality produced by HD CCTV are able to capture sharp pictures that are able to identify whatever it picks up, in great detail.

In terms of storage– wireless CCTV is able to take advantage of The Cloud to keep images on a virtual drive, meaning that there are no ongoing costs in having to buy new tapes/discs/hard-drives and furthermore, it further ensures that the recorded images are kept securely.

Flexibility is another attribute of the latest CCTV cameras. Whilst previously, an operator had to be on-site to view what was being picked up by the camera, they can now work away and use their mobile phone, laptop or tablet device to see what's going on in their building live, or recorded. You don't have to wait until the future arrives to experience a robust security infrastructure – you can have it today.

Maxtag – Official Suppliers of Hikvision CCTV Cameras

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