You may have joked about it when you were at school, as despite the warnings, neither your parents or your teachers had eyes in the back of their heads! This ability would definitely be beneficial if you worked in the security industry though, as you would enjoy a comprehensive 360° view. Who doesn't want to ensure that they are able to keep a watch on the action, whatever is happening?

Although this genetic mutation may never come to pass for us humans, thanks to the abilities of modern technology, CCTV installers in London are able to give you the ability to enjoy the benefits of a constant security solution, thanks to an high-performing fisheye camera.

Why CCTV Installers In London Prefer Fisheye Cameras.

The majority of CCTV cameras are unable to capture every single action or movement – for example, many camera designs suffer from a blind spot, which doesn't allow them to capture a full range of images. They also often suffer from having a singular, fixed view and for those cameras that do have the ability to pan, their motion is often limited and are difficult to angle in positions that would be considered useful.

More traditional cameras are also more visible, which on one hand works to provide a deterrent, discouraging criminal or anti-social behaviour – but when it comes to actual recording and surveillance, they can be easier for the criminal to spot and adapt their 'plans' accordingly.

Fisheye Cameras: The Disadvantages.

One of the main reasons why other forms of CCTV cameras are still in use is because they often offer a higher quality of image than a fisheye model. With the fisheye able to cover a much wider area than the average CCTV camera, this typically causes the resolution of the image to 'stretch out' and suffer. However, with the changing nature of technology, the quality of image produced by fisheye cameras is constantly improving. Before long it's likely that their wide range of recording will produce images that are just as high in quality as their less-movable counterparts.

An aspect of why fisheye cameras often put people off using them is the slight distortion that they produce at the edge of an image, occurring due to the extra-wide field of view. This can be negated, however, thanks to anti-warping technology within the camera itself, which ensures that the camera produces a correct, completely flat view.

If your security specialists are inexperienced, then they may have difficulty when it comes to dynamically viewing the footage through a fisheye camera as a result of the distortion. This is why you will need to ensure that your security system includes de-warping technology from the start. However, thanks to the system's ease-of-use, it won't take long for your security operators to get up to speed with the perception of the camera lens, with or without the anti-warping technology that has been put in place.

Using Fisheye Cameras In Retail, Educational and Public Buildings.

The usage of fisheye cameras within retail outlets are becoming popular by every passing year. They provide a less-imposing and threatening presence towards genuine customers and are able to be placed intelligently and subtly in-store. Thanks to the camera's complete 360° vision, they will help to cut the costs of installing multiple cameras to cover the same area that one fisheye can do. Like traditional systems, they also provide the same level of discouragement to any potential shoplifter.

With these security cameras offering a complete view of a predefined area (they can even be made to cover a view of 180°, to make them easily wall-mountable) they are ideal to use for a vast range of locations. As CCTV installers in London, we are able to install them in retail stores, indoor car parks, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues.

Fisheye cameras have proved to be the most useful when monitoring interior areas, rather than exterior areas, as they're able to keep an eye on a wide area. However, their slightly lower image resolution makes them less suitable to provide a long-distance resolution, which you would probably require for external monitoring. Typically, it's recommended that a 360° camera that can record at 5MP has a recording field of 25ft, which isn't useful for vast, expansive parking areas or garages. With the enclosed space provided by an interior environment, the recording range simply won't be an issue.

Are Fisheye Cameras Best Used As Part of a Wider System?

Just like all security systems, we always recommend that you have a mix of different types of security cameras in order to provide the best security solution as possible. Different designs and styles of cameras all have their advantages and disadvantages and are ideally suited for a range of different circumstances. For example – if you intend to record a certain area then a stationary camera, that is able to record in a high resolution, would work better than a 360° camera.

Fisheye cameras are best used to keep an eye on the shop floor or storage areas, where there are multiple directions from which a criminal may appear. A security system design that is starting to become more common as time wears on, is the installation of an extremely high-quality camera that has full manoeuvrability, complimented by a number of slightly lower resolution fisheyes. The system works well, simply because the fisheye cameras are able to notice any suspicious activity thanks to their wide monitoring range, which the main camera can then monitor in more detail. As this process continues, the fisheyes will still be able to keep a watch over the rest of area.

Looking For A High-Quality, Bespoke Security Solution? Choose Maxtag: CCTV Installers In London.

Here at Maxtag, we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive and completely customisable security solution that ensures that your property, no matter if it's a domestic, retail or educational environment, the highest-quality of security. If you're looking for a team of experienced and professional CCTV installers in London then you needn't look any further than Maxtag.

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