Britain is said to be the world leader in terms of CCTV coverage but could that position soon change? In order to save money on their budgets, a common trend has appeared that has seen local councils up and down the country cut the number of CCTV cameras they support. With the cuts suggesting a scale down in security coverage – the importance of , for example, cannot be overlooked for homeowners and business operations alike.

Local Council Cuts To CCTV Installers In Westminster.

In an article by the London Evening Standard in June 2016, Westminster Council agreed to switch off 75 of the Borough's CCTV cameras in order to make a saving of £1 million a year. This decision was derided by some London security experts who hailed the local network as being a 'massive resource' to police and that it provided an invaluable tool to bring down crime in the area.

In the same article, local councillors have explained their decision as a necessary one in order to save money, as the service was 'non-statutory' in regards to the council's legal need to provide it as it was mainly the police who made use of the system. They believe that concentring their budgets on other aspects of their services, to serve multiple partners, is of a greater ongoing concern.

Whilst council-owned CCTV will no longer be operational, systems owned by Transport For London and of course, private CCTV systems owned by homes and businesses, will still continue to operate. In spite of cutting CCTV installers in Westminster, the local council say that they hope to work further with the Mayor of London, the Police and other local boroughs towards a 'pan-London' CCTV security solution instead; something that 'doesn't stop at a borough's borders'.

Why The Need For Private CCTV?

The cutting of the city's CCTV network has meant that homes and businesses will have to become reliant on privatised security in order to protect their properties. Whilst the local council are confident that current crime prevention techniques and existing private networks will be sufficient to protect the vast majority of proprieties in the area, the news of the cuts highlights the role that a CCTV security system plays in our day-to-day lives.

Protecting their properties is just one of many reasons why homeowners and businesses alike are operating their own CCTV. Some of the benefits provided by a CCTV system include:

  • Full Control. A common criticism of older types of security cameras is that they just acted as an 'after the fact' recording device – often producing poor pictures and kept on bulky storage media. The major benefit of possessing your own CCTV system is that YOU are able to completely control each and every aspect of its operation, making for a fully-flexible and customisable security solution. What's more, with today's high-definition CCTV cameras you are able to view digitally-stored footage – live or recorded from virtual media – from any location that possesses an internet connection. Ideal if you can't be present in the location you wish to monitor 24/7.
  • Lower Insurance Costs. Be it home, business or even cars, one of the major – but vital – costs in being able to operate something, will be its insurance. Often to win contracts, many companies will be open on how clients can save on their policies, as it lowers the risk of them actually paying out. CCTV installers in Westminster can help you to save on your property insurance by implementing a modern CCTV system. With the many benefits that it brings to the table, any good insurance company will understand that you have taken steps to secure the property and will adjust their policy cost accordingly. With the savings made, the initial cost of the CCTV system will be paid back very quickly and you can enjoy the benefits of great security AND a low policy cost simultaneously.
  • Works To Provide A Safer Environment. It isn't just its ability to record images that is the main function of a CCTV camera; more often than not, it will work as a deterrent to crime, as it discourages people with designs on committing anti-social behaviour to carry out their intentions. Safe in the knowledge that they'll be protected, residents, visitors, customers and staff members alike will be able to operate in the environment without fear of becoming victims of crime.
  • Additional Abilities. Of course, CCTV cameras are able to do more than just record crystal-clear images; by working with computer software they can present information on how, for example, a retail store is performing in regards to its footfall, how many people enter the store/compared to actual customers – even how effective certain product displays are. With these added benefits, it's no surprise to see many forward-thinking businesses implement such systems.

Reliable and Dependable CCTV Solutions In Westminster, From Maxtag.

Looking for CCTV in Westminster? Then look no further than Maxtag! Throughout the last 2 decades, we have been providing CCTV and retail security to a wide range of individuals and businesses operations throughout London. Our experience has given us a unique insight into the industry and we are proud to say that we are able to implement a perfect, customised security system that is geared towards protecting your property and the individuals who operate within it. With so many benefits to be gained from modern CCTV, there has never been a better time to think about implementing a system of your own.

If you require any additional information on any aspect of our services, why not get in touch with us today? You can contact our CCTV installers in Westminster by calling 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to

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