Despite having a number of CCTV cameras mounted in all the right places, some retailers are still failing to catch shoplifters, or effectively capturing images of antisocial behaviour. Most of the time, this is because their CCTV cameras are installed incorrectly, or even not functioning at all.

Here at Maxtag, we are installers of commercial CCTV systems that have helped a wide range of business operations to improve the safety of their stores. Having seen a range of security issues within stores over the years, it’s often down to lack of diligence that is the root of such problems.

If you’re looking to improve the operation of your security infrastructure, read on to learn about the common issues that affect retailers – and how to avoid them.

Issues With Commercial CCTV Systems That May Cost You

Here are some common issues with commercial CCTV systems that may cost your business:

  • Is it working? With many stores requiring more than one camera, it’s conceivable that the fact that one isn’t working can be easily missed. These issues can be caused by a multitude of things; from power shortages, an old model not running as it should be doing or even as a result of human error. Regardless of the cause, you should always ensure that your all of your cameras are working on a regular basis.

  • Is it recording? Believe it or not, this is a surprisingly common issue. The camera may seem to be working and operating fine, but when it comes to recovering the footage – nothing has been recorded. This could be a result of a power cut, changes made to the configuration setting and even someone playing around with the system. These incidences are precisely why it’s important to constantly check that the footage is streaming and being recorded.
  • Is it even plugged in? This is a somewhat common issue in the service industry - especially in bars and restaurants that are often subject to changes in ownership and renovations. Older types of commercial CCTV systems particularly will be left unplugged from their DVR, which means that even if they’re switched on, they won’t be transmitting any pictures to be saved.
  • Is there enough space on the recording device? The issue with many older types of CCTV systems, though great servants they may be, is that the media they store their images on are largely insecure and limited to what they can hold. One of the worst scenarios for any business is that despite their system working as it should be doing, with all the elements mentioned here checked and in sync, the recording is still missing large chunks of recording time.

    This occurs when the recording devices run out of space; they will simply start overwriting what they’ve recorded, which is devastating if you need to identify a certain incident and it’s been overwritten.

The Advantages of A More-Modern CCTV System

The issue of storage is just one of many advantages that modern HD CCTV installations have over their older counterparts. Whilst old versions rely on physical storage media, more-modern cameras make use of cloud storage that is able to store everything that has been recorded. What’s more, these recordings can be accessed from anywhere at any time by the owner, on a multitude of internet connected devices.

Then there are their recording qualities and zoom abilities – able to capture images in high-definition, a user will be able to zoom into areas of the picture, picking out elements that would have otherwise been unreadable on most older systems.

Able to record and monitor in better qualities, it can easy to assume that contemporary commercial CCTV systems are expensive for most businesses. With high-definition cameras becoming the norm as we approach the third decade of the 21st century, they can be said to actually be relatively inexpensive. Considering the amount of money that it may save the business , an investment in just a single camera would pay itself back extremely quickly (just make sure it’s plugged in!).

If you already have CCTV infrastructure installed, why not think about improving its abilities with just a single addition of a HD camera?

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Here at Maxtag, we are able to provide a range of high-quality CCTV systems for business operations of all types and sizes. Our CCTV installers have carried out work throughout the UK, installing the latest commercial CCTV systems in such establishments as retail stores, pubs and restaurants, schools and colleges and other private and public institutions – no job being too small or large for us to find a security solution for whatever the requirements demand.

If you would like more information on our how we’re able to help to improve your CCTV security, then please feel free to get in contact with our security experts today on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at

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