If you run a small business that is looking to make use of CCTV installers to establish a robust security infrastructure, how can you be sure that you're choosing a system that is right for you? The key in choosing the perfect service is always one that balances your needs with the cost of the system – does the money you pay offer true value? How can you be sure if it does?

Previously, we've covered how a small business can benefit from the installation of a CCTV camera – in this blog, we're going to look at how that same small business can go about choosing the right system for whatever their needs dictate.

Tips On How To Choose A Security Camera, From Professional CCTV Installers

The factors you should consider when choosing a security camera for your small business include the cost, the location and positioning of the camera, its image resolution, whether it's going to be used indoors or not, amongst others. With so much to consider it's always worth seeking the advice of professional CCTV installers.

In addition, you should also consider these different aspects when deciding if the camera you're looking at offers value for money:

  • The area you need to cover. Dependent on the size of your premises, you may need a different type of camera. For example; a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is ideal to cover a large area (and outdoor spaces) as they are able to cover vats spaces and yet their pictures are able to be zoomed in to the smallest detail. This helps to present a fine image of anything that you wish to capture. If you don't operate a large area, then you will be able to have more flexibility when it comes to choosing your ideal camera from CCTV installers.
  • How much detail do you need? On a similar theme, you do not need to go ahead and purchase the latest, most-expensive camera on the market just to improve your security. Whilst the 'classic reputation' of older CCTV revolves around 'grainy images' and 'unsecure storage' today, there is a whole host of choice in regards to high-definition CCTV. The great thing about modern CCTV (aside from its far superior recording abilities and storage) is that it can work with older systems, so even if you already have CCTV in place that has served you well – the addition of a single HD camera would complement your existing network and save you much on installing an entire network of them.
  • Visible or discreet? There are a number of reasons why you may choose a discreet camera from CCTV installers, or not; both visible and discreet CCTV have their advantages and understanding which of them suits your aims is important. A discreet camera is obviously designed to be difficult to see – people may not notice them at all as they walk through your building. You may want to do this to not alarm genuine customers with such a visible security presence, or if the camera in any way clashes with the decor of your building. A visible camera, by its very nature, provides a possible deterrent to crime – but is this 'watchful environment' something that you wish to set for everyone who enters your building? You may well do but the option is there not to, which is where a discreet camera can help. Either way, you'll at least be able to capture any incidents in high-definition pictures regardless if they're hidden or not – whichever suits your intentions is best.
  • Do you need scalability? It can be easy to assume that a 'small business' only needs a single camera to provide effective security – which we know isn't true. A small business can be run out of a large premises and if that is indeed the case, you will need a network of cameras to provide coverage in all of the areas you need to. Ideal for this is an Internet Protocol (IP) camera that can act as a connection between itself and other cameras to monitor and record everything that is happening simultaneously within your premises. What's great about IP cameras is that they don't require a set number of cameras in order to run their network – in fact, cameras can be added, subtracted or moved and still be able to offer the same high-quality coverage.
  • Looking to get ahead with analytics? No matter the industry, analytical systems are growing in use year-on-year. Being a small business, you will need to be able to exploit any opportunity you can in order to grow your business and make it a success. Another great aspect of modern HD cameras (and why you should consider one) is that they are able to be used alongside analytic software to help a retailer to better understand the performance of their store. The images taken by the camera can be used to produce analytics to improve the space planning, stock fulfilment and footfall aspects of the retail operation.

Professional CCTV Advice From Maxtag

Here at Maxtag, we are professional CCTV installers who are on hand to offer advice and assistance when it comes to you choosing the right security system for your business. Over the last 20 years, we have installed the latest in CCTV security around the UK in all manner of different business and building types – whether it's a retail store, a restaurant or pub, schools and many other public and private intuitions.

Our service seeks to create bespoke security solutions for all of our clients – after all, different businesses have different requirements and exist in different types of buildings. No matter the budget you have available, you requirements or limitations; our experienced team are able to work with you to create your ideal CCTV infrastructure.

If you would like to discuss further how we can help your business, then please feel free to give our CCTV installers a call on 0800 044 3160. Alternatively, if you prefer to send an e-mail enquiry to us, you can do so at enquiries@maxtag.com.

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