ver the last 12 months or so, we have noticed some major developments happening within the CCTV industry, regarding the types of technology available. Seeing as we're well into 2017 now, this represents a good opportunity to look back and evaluate the trends that have been present in the CCTV industry within the past year. Once we understand these, it will give us a chance to look ahead to the changes and new trends that CCTV installers, retailers and property owners alike can probably expect next year too!

Experienced, High-Quality CCTV Installers.

At Maxtag, we are vastly experienced CCTV installers who have been providing CCTV systems to retailers, homeowners and public property operators for over 20 years now. We have been able to stay as a market leader in the industry during that time, simply because of our philosophy of constant improvement and innovation, giving us the opportunity to offer the latest and best new security equipment to our clients.

The retail security equipment that we provide is from some of the world's most well-known manufacturers, making sure that our clients receive only the best security solutions on the market. Last year, we were awarded 'Partner of The Year' by the prominent CCTV manufacturer, Hikvision – proving our credentials and dedication in providing a high quality of service. No matter your budget or your requirements, we can confidently say that we will be able to assist you in providing a high level of CCTV security in order to protect your property.


What Changes Happened To Video Surveillance In 2016?

Thanks to the constant improvements in technology, it was no surprise to see the industry start to move towards HD CCTV systems. Just a few years ago, images that could record at a standard 720p were considered as a high-quality CCTV solution. Today the standard is 1080p and has become the recording resolution of choice for retailers and property owners of all kinds. It doesn't just stop there – many high-end businesses have started to move to the very latest 4k ultra-HD cameras that can not only record images in extremely high-quality but also send live images to other devices, such as laptops, tablets – even mobile phones.

This increased availability and range of choice of different high-definition CCTV systems have given property owners the opportunity to mix their cameras, allowing their security systems to be as diverse as ever before. For example – cameras that are able to record panoramically are a popular choice and are often used alongside other types of models, simply because they offer different recording attributes.

CCTV Trends To Look Out For This Year

  • A Much-Wider Use of Video and Analytics. It isn't just security, of course, that CCTV cameras can help to provide, the quality of the images recorded are also able to work with analytic software to help a business to present statistics on their performance. As this technology will only improve as time goes on, it will continue to become even more effective and offer a wider range of diversity in regards to its functions. This means that soon, the best features will start to trickle down to even the 'lower-end' systems – soon retail stores, schools and offices will all be able to use the software. Helping them to drive sales, encourage interaction and providing the best possible environment for their users' needs, the impact that high-quality, affordable HD CCTV systems will have will be high.

    Soon, we expect that the most popular cameras will start to include built-in analytic systems as standard, representing a vast improvement in the availability and affordability of these highly-functional CCTV systems.
  • Site Monitoring and Cloud-Based Video Surveillance. Throughout the last few years, as CCTV installers, we have seen that the growing demand for certain features of a CCTV camera, is that of viewing video content direct from cloud storage. As an example; modern burglar and intrusion alarms can be generated via an IP CCTV system, giving the operator the opportunity to monitor the video feed from the cloud, on any type of internet-connecting device of their choosing. This is just one of the diverse abilities offered by cloud-based software – and has time goes on; these systems will only become more commonplace and affordable.
  • An Easy-To-Install Retail Security Solution. Along with the improvements in their abilities and the increasing affordability, CCTV security solutions are becoming much easier to install and operate. The systems are able to be integrated more effectively, which allows additional cameras and features to be installed some time later, making for a more diverse range of models to ensure that the property is protected by the highest levels of security possible.

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