No matter where we go in public these days,it's fair to say that we'll be monitored by CCTV – in fact, it has become normal for us to expect any incidents that occur in public to have been captured on camera. No matter if it's on the street, in a shopping centre or the local library, it is automatically assumed that these places have cameras installed.

But what about the places we don't automatically expect to have cameras? The use of CCTV installers in health clubs to create security systems may not immediately spring to mind – the data protection laws that restrict the use of cameras within 'areas where privacy may be expected' (such as changing rooms) is perhaps one reason why many people don't believe that cameras are omnipresent elsewhere in the building.

The problem is that just like anywhere else, incidents do occur – and leisure facilities must not fall into the trap of being nonchalant about their security.

Why Using CCTV Installers In Health Clubs Is A Good Idea

With most gyms or health clubs having a constant flow of visitors throughout the day, this puts them as much at risk from suffering any, vandalism or anti-social behaviour than say, a retail store.

One of the reasons why retailers are considered as more 'at risk' is that they do not know who is visiting their establishment, nor what their intentions are. Thanks to the usage of membership schemes, most fitness and wellness centres will know who is using their facilities, but intentions are infinitely more difficult to decipher.

If you're responsible for the operation of a health club, gym, swimming pool or any other kind of sports and fitness facility, here is why seeking the help of CCTV installers for health clubs is a great idea:

  • For Safety and Security. The safety and security of clients and staff should be of the utmost importance – then there is the equipment and the building's safety and security to think about too (one of the major reasons being for health and safety). Security cameras act as a crime deterrent that can keep everyone (and everything) safe and secure. Just the sight of a camera (or knowing they're around) will make anyone with nefarious intentions think twice. In the event that any incidents do occur, the least you'll have is usable evidence that can identify what has occurred,hopefully leading to a satisfying conclusion.
  • For A Positive Atmosphere/Environment. Different people join a health club or gym for different reasons. Some prefer to work out and get healthy with friends or family, making it a social occasion, others prefer the solitude to work out or relax on their own, away from the pressures from the outside. Whatever the reason, any facility that doesn't evoke a positive atmosphere and instead, promotes an environment in which they don't feel comfortable, won't keep their membership open for long.

The same goes for staff too. Everyone wants to work in comfort, feeling that they are supported by their employer as they go about their work, contributing to making the business a success. If the building and everything within it do not feel safe, then it will produce that negative atmosphere. CCTV installers in health clubs can create security system set-ups that take away any worries about security that clients and staff may have, giving them the peace of mind to go about their workouts, socialising and working in the comfort that they should expect.

  • For The Cost-Effective Technology That's Available. Unlike 'traditional' CCTV cameras, the new generation of IP CCTV is far ahead in its image capture, monitoring and storage capabilities, making them an extremely cost-effective security solution. They do not require any additional hardware (like a DVR/NVR), storage device or monitor, which helps you to make an immediate saving.

As they're able to send their data over the internet, they work with apps installed on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone; using cloud storage to keep images – so you don't even have to be on-site to view what's happening in your club any more. Very quickly, an IP surveillance camera will pay back its initial investment, leaving you to reap its benefits for many years to come. The very definition of a cost-effective purchase.

  • For The Car Park Outside. With much concentration placed on monitoring the various facilities inside a health club,it can be easy to forget that the CCTV coverage should also be as good outside,than in. A common outside issue, especially for health clubs and gyms that have limited space outside, is overcrowding on the car park. Just to squeeze into a spot, some people may resort to poor parking methods that often leaves others with little room (or none at all) to move out. The result of this inaccessibility is a lot of bumps and scrapes – which would go undetected if there was no (or insufficient) CCTV coverage. With a decent level of surveillance, staff will be able to monitor car parks and even zoom in to the cars (and their plates) that may be causing the inaccessibility; cutting down on damage and creating a harmonious car park.

These are just a few good reasons why you should consider either establishing a security camera system or upgrading your existing one. If you're interested in learning more about how your business could benefit from CCTV installers in health clubs, then please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Throughout the last two decades, the Maxtag team have been creating innovative CCTV solutions for a wide array of business operations, public institutions and private individuals. Our constant strive to follow the technology trends of the day has allowed us to grow a leading service that is able to bring the best products to our clients.All for a cost-effective price.

Our CCTV installers in health clubs are able to advise you on anything and everything you need to establish, not just a CCTV solution that will protect your business and people, but even to improve the running of your operation,potentially catering for future success.

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