Whenever people think about CCTV, their thoughts will naturally go towards in-store cameras that monitor and track any incidences of theft. With the profit margins (and in many cases, reputations) of retailers being hamstrung by such incidents, having CCTV installers to implement a security system within a store is an investment that any modern retailer should be making. However, there are other issues, aside from the interior of the store that can negatively affect the business that also need to be monitored. The outside.

The trouble is that, unlike the inside, events that happen directly outside, at the side of, or in the immediate area of a retail store, cannot be controlled – and dependent upon the nature of the issue, it could have as big (if not bigger) impact than the average theft.

Outside Issues That CCTV Installers Can Help With

If you operate a retail business and are looking at improving the set-up of your current CCTV infrastructure; here are some common outside issues that CCTV installers can help with.

  • Ram raiding/smash-and-grab burglaries. Although anti-ram raiding devices are commonplace outside the doors of many a retailer, for space and local regulation reasons, it isn't always possible for every store to be able to have them. As a result, ram raiding (as well smash-and-grab burglaries) can still be an issue – even for the most well-established shopping brands. If the worst comes to the worst, at least outside CCTV can provide a good amount of evidence for police to act.
  • Anti-social behaviour. For any retailers that are based on a high street, or in a busy area, the likelihood of anti-social behaviour occurring will be much higher, simply due to the sheer number of people that pass through. A CCTV camera can monitor and record any incidents that happen outside of the property and even though many incidents won't strictly be a criminal act, CCTV can work to build up a case to the local authority to potentially take some form of positive action.
  • Building works. Constant building works in an area can be a cause of a reduced footfall rate for any nearby businesses. CCTV (along with added software) can help to monitor and calculate if any nearby construction is indeed affecting how many people approach and enter the store – helping to build a case for a reduced rent/business rate or even compensation from the local authority.
  • Traffic disruption/road closures – In a similar manner as the previous point; if your store happens to be located on, or close to a road that often experiences traffic issues, a CCTV camera can help to gather evidence of how they're affecting the business.
  • Litigation Evidence. People who make claims against local businesses are commonplace; a CCTV camera that covers the exterior of a store can help to gather evidence. This is especially handy in the event of any false claims being made against the business.
  • Community Coverage. Having CCTV installers fit a modern system outside of your store won't just be of benefit to you; it will help the local community too. If any incidents take place in-or-around the local area, the Police will liaise with local businesses who may be able to help their investigations with the provision of CCTV footage. If you're based in a particularly busy area, it's likely that other buildings may have good CCTV coverage too, which ultimately helps to create a safe community.
  • Interactions. It isn't just security that can be monitored from the outside; so can the reactions of passing customers to any of your product displays/advertisements. How many people walk past, stop and enter the store? How many stop but just walk on by? Smart CCTV can help you better understand how effective your window displays are at attracting people from the outside to the inside of the store.

Modern HD CCTV From Maxtag

Here at Maxtag, we are CCTV installers who over the last 20 years, have been helping retailers of all sizes and industries to implement stringent security measures in their stores. Within that time, we've seen much improvement in security technology – the unreliable reputation that some CCTV systems may have had in the past has been eradicated by the innovation of high-definition, cloud-based cameras. Not does their reliability in recording, sending and safeguarding images provide an attraction; the sheer coverage that they offer means that any initial layout for a system will pay itself back extremely quickly.

We can confidently say that when it comes to combining your security needs, the impact it will have and the initial costs it takes to install one, there has never been a better time to improve your in-store (and outside!) security.

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