Business in Berkshire is booming – and we're not just talking about BIG business here. The last few years has seen many a new enterprise set up and grow in the local area; the excellent transport links, the proximity to London and favourable rental rates in comparison to the capital, have made places like Reading a vibrant area in which to live and work.

With a growing population, comes the natural worry about security for existing businesses in the area. If you're searching for CCTV In Reading to help to protect your shop, warehouse, restaurant, pub or anything else, then read on to find out how installing CCTV could benefit your business.

How can security cameras benefit your small business?

  • Increased levels of security. The key reason why you choose to install CCTV is to provide a better level of protection for business, its products and the staff and customers who operate within it. With the ability to monitor your premises 24/7, this will provide the peace of mind in knowing that if anything were to happen, you would at least have evidence that can be passed on to the police, local authority and insurance companies, for further investigation.
  • Remote access. There was once upon a time when in order to view its images, an operator would have to be present in the same room as a CCTV monitoring device. Modern cameras are able to take advantage of the high-speed internet at our disposal nowadays to deliver images (live or recorded) to the operator, no matter where they may be. With operators of small businesses especially, having to fill a number of roles, this will help to save time and worry about the security, freeing up opportunities to go about other important tasks.
  • Decrease in staffing costs. In order to get a grip on their security, many small business may hire specialist security staff, often through a third-party agency. Thanks to the abilities of a modern CCTV system, a business can curb their reliance on specialist security staff, cutting down on costs and creating a less 'watchful' atmosphere in the process, which may place some genuine customers ill at ease.
  • Reduce any security errors. One of the advantages of having CCTV monitoring the building is that they are able to record everything that takes place. With traditional 'people monitoring' systems, there's a possibility that human error may creep in, as our recall isn't always accurate of the events that took place.
  • A deterrent. Aside from its monitoring and recording abilities, the other security aspect to CCTV is that it provides a physical deterrent. The presence of a system will likely make those who have designs on targeting the building, think twice – a more-modern system will probably make them think three times. Even if the worst comes to the worst, you will have HD footage of everything thanks to the well-placed cameras.

CCTV Legal Obligations

It's important to remember that when it comes to installing CCTV, there are a number of legal obligations that must be met. The collection of personal data includes capturing a person's identity on camera, as well as other personal identification details, such as car number plates.

If a business uses video surveillance as part of its security set-up, then it must inform people who may be captured on camera, of that fact. Often, this is achieved by placing signs around the building that CCTV is being used – which aside from meeting legal obligations, is able to act as a further deterrent too. Furthermore, a business with CCTV will be required to register with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) – this is an independent authority that upholds data privacy for individuals and rights to information for the public. With regards to CCTV, you can find out more information about this here.

Improve Your Security With Maxtag

Searching for CCTV in Reading? When it comes to implementing modern CCTV systems, the team here at Maxtag are able to provide your business with the best opportunity to protect itself. Our work has seen us install systems around the UK, in all manner of different business and building types – from retail stores, restaurants, schools and many other private and public institutions.

If you would like to discuss further how we can implement CCTV in Reading for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly today. Give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at

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