Dramatic CCTV footage recently captured the moment that a security breach caused all the doors in a maximum-security wing of a Miami prison to open at the same time.

They also captured the moment that Kenneth Williams, a Miami-based gang leader, is cornered by knife-wielding members of a rival gang and jumps over a two-story balcony in order to escape them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly he didn't fare too well, and suffered a broken ankle and fractured vertebrae.

Prison CCTV

So how does this relate to Maxtag?

Well it doesn't really – our IP CCTV security systems aren't used in maximum security prisons in Florida – but the IP CCTV technology that we specialise in revolutionised security systems in prisons and it is likely that the footage you see here came from IP CCTV cameras.

It also represents the wide and varied applications for IP CCTV security – from prisons and security facilities, to schools and CCTV systems for shops and restaurants.

Contact us by calling 0800 044 3160 or emailing enquiries@maxtag.comfor more information about IP CCTV security, retail security systems and CCTV systems for shops and restaurants, or read more about IP CCTV in one of our previous blog posts.

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