With summer approaching, plenty of people will have plans to get away for a couple of days, or a week or two, during the coming months – domestically or abroad, the options for a break are endless.However, have you been wondering 'how can CCTV installers near me help to protect my property for when I'm not around?'

When you run your own business, switching off completely is nearly always impossible; it's all part-and-parcel of being responsible for your livelihood. In terms of your building(s) security though, you needn't worry –through the use of contemporary security cameras you can 'scratch that itch'whilst lying on the sun lounger and check in with what is happening. Placing your mind at rest, the introduction of HD CCTV systems may even heighten the enjoyment of your break!

How Can CCTV Installers Near Me Help To Protect My Business (For When I'm Not Around)?

There was once a time when a business owner had to be present on site to monitor what was being picked up by their CCTV cameras. Often shot in poor resolutions, the pictures they captured offered very few zooming capabilities. If they wanted to find certain clips at a particular time, they would face the time-consuming process of manually searching for them.Not only would this provide an inconvenience at the best of times, going for sabbaticals away from work would prove almost impossible without the worry.

One of the main benefits of recent security innovations has been their flexibility – no longer does the business owner have to be on deck at all times to see what's going on (or to find particular clips of evidence); they can receive live high-definition streams and clips stored on The Cloud via wireless internet connections. Not only that, but the software can be controlled to identify certain incidents and send automatic alerts to the operator. So, no matter where you may be, what compatible device (smartphone/tablet/laptop) you have on you, you'll be able to check in at your leisure – washing away the worries like a gentle wave washes away the sand from a beach.

Holidays aside, as a business owner you (probably!) cannot be present in all the places nor do all the things you need to do at the same time. With a modern CCTV camera looking after your building, you can at least free up time to go about your other vital tasks, improving your work-life balance.

Remote access is just one of many benefits that can be experienced with the latest cameras – other great benefits that can help to protect your business for when you're not around include:

  • Crime deterrent. Security cameras aren't just great at recording what's going on, they are also very adept at preventing things from happening in the first place. The simple placement of signs around your property to alert people of the existence of CCTV will at least make anyone think twice about indulging in anti-social behaviour – make that camera a modern HD one and then they'll think more than twice.
  • Safety. It isn't just the prospect of crime occurring that may keep you worried for when you're not there, but the personal safety of your staff and customers must be protected too. CCTV installers can ensure that everyone on the premises is protected, which will help to contribute to a happy and comfortable in-store atmosphere for all.
  • Lower insurance. A necessity in many business premises, the costs of insurance rates can be significantly lowered if you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to increase the safety of the building, lowering the risk of any incidents occurring. If the insurance company sees that you pose less of a risk to them paying out, they'll likely offer a reduced rate. Everyone's a winner!

Maxtag: Your Security Camera Solution

If you've indeed been searching for 'CCTV installers near me' to help you to create a modern security solution for your business, then you've found the right place here at Maxtag. Throughout the last two decades, we have been constantly pushing the boundaries of security camera innovation in order to allow our clients to create a bespoke security set up within their properties.

In fact, we can say that there has been no better time than right now to think about making an investment in CCTV. With high qualities in regards to monitoring, recording, storage and scalability, they will soon pay off any investment made in them – leaving you to reap their benefits for the long term.


Although we're based in the south east of England, we regularly undertake work around the UK – we help individual businesses, numerous chain stores, shopping centres, schools, colleges, libraries, pubs, restaurants, health clubs, gyms and many more. Why not take a look at some of our previous work to get an idea of the security solutions we have implemented for our clients?

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