When it comes to CCTV systems for retail, the primary consideration to take into account when thinking about implementing a security system, will be that of the individual requirements of the property. If a business hopes to protect their property, then the makeup of the building must be taken into account – will the CCTV solution you choose be able to offer the coverage needed?

Although CCTV systems have been around for many years now, the changing nature of technology has rendered older models, even ones that are barely a decade old, obsolete. Today, CCTV cameras are able to work in conjunction with software that aside from providing versatile security, in regards to recording high-definition images on external storage devices and sending them to a mobile phone or tablet, can also provide other benefits – such as people counting and space measuring, contributing to an analytic report.

CCTV Systems For Retail: Choosing The Perfect One.

If you're in charge of a retail operation that is looking to improve its security and/or be able to effectively measure the performance of your store, then modern CCTV systems for retail is a must-have. The CCTV solution you choose for your property will have a long-term and profound effect on your business, so getting the decision right will obviously be vitally important.

Here are 6 tips on choosing the right one:

  1. Finding the right balance with visible and discreet Cameras. One option that you'll be met with when choosing the perfect CCTV system for retail is whether you want your cameras to be visible, or discreet. The two have their different advantages and understanding which method suits your aims is extremely important. Discreet cameras are designed to be difficult to see; people wouldn't notice them and will behave as their intentions dictated when they entered the store. The benefits that being discreet provide to retailers is that they don't produce an intrusive atmosphere – ideal if you want to set an inclusive environment. This also means that anyone who had designs on stealing are more likely to attempt to do so – footage of which will be captured regardless. This isn't an issue with visible cameras, as aside from recording images, they provide a deterrent and are more likely to put off potential shoplifters going through with their intentions – but is setting this kind of 'watchful environment' something that you want your genuine customers to experience? Only your needs can help you make the right decision.
  2. Understanding the size of the area needing to be covered. Different kinds of commercial CCTV systems and cameras offer different capabilities, making them suitable for different situations. For example, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras work best to cover a large area, thanks to their abilities to cover a wide range of space and to zoom into the smallest aspect, producing a fine image of anything in-store that you wish to monitor.
  3. How much detail you require. The classic caricature used to describe older types CCTV systems for retail is that the cameras produce grainy, often unfathomable images when it comes to identifying the elements it records. Today, there is no hiding place – as cameras are able to record high-definition images that can pick out anything in its field of monitoring, with crystal-clear vision. The higher resolution the camera – the more you will be able to zoom in and retain the same quality. However, if you work in a small space – there's little point investing in CCTV of such high quality when a slightly lower resolution camera will do. Calculating your space and what you need to monitor, should always be balanced against your budget in order to produce the most cost-effective security solution.
  4. The importance of audio. Although integrating audio within your CCTV system isn't impossible, it's also often unnecessary. Video management systems that include audio controls are readily available – but if recording is something that isn't vital to your operations, would pick up much background noise or you feel that it would infringe on privacy, then it isn't really worth implementing. In surveillance terms, however, audio can be used along with alarm systems during certain hours, such as when a retail store is closed, to offer an additional security measure.
  5. Scalability considerations. If you're thinking of creating a modern network of security cameras in your store, then closed-circuit systems won't help – but an Internet Protocol (IP) camera can. Aside from being able to act as the connection between the numerous cameras, which work to monitor the entirety of your store, they can also send the images recorded, over the internet to a storage method or device of your choosing. This scalability aspect makes it somewhat easier to change and adapt your security needs (adding, subtracting or moving the positions of cameras) in order to meet the changing needs of your business.
  6. Benefits provided by additional software. One of the great additional benefits that can be gleaned from modern CCTV systems for retail is their abilities to work alongside analytic software to produce potential profit-making advice. Footfall analytics can be used to monitor aspects such as space planning (is there enough staff in a particular area to serve customers), stock fulfilment (which products, in which areas need restocking) and people counting (how many people enter the store, compared to actual customers – how do they react with stock displays etc).

All these benefits and more can be gained through the usage of a security recording system – if you feel that your current setup is outdated and restricts your business, then a new, modern system will be make for a smart investment.

Looking For A Versatile, High-Quality Commercial CCTV System?

Here at Maxtag, we have helped many businesses over the last 20 years to improve their store security by designing the perfect CCTV systems for whatever their needs may be. Being at the forefront of the industry, we are well-placed to help your business to take advantage of the benefits that modern CCTV systems for retail can bring. Whether it's to improve your security and/or be in a position to better interpret your footfall, potentially increasing your profit margins – the systems that we are able to install will help to push your business to the next level.

If you would like further information on our service, you can get in touch with us by calling 0800 044 3160 or alternatively, you can e-mail us at enquiries@maxtag.com.

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