If you run your own retail operation, then security is a major factor to get right to ensure that your store is successful. All businesses should be equipped with at least the most basic of security – it will help to protect your livelihood, as well as look after the safety of your staff and customers.

The problem is deciding which type of security system to go for. Whilst existing analogue cameras are relatively cheap and can 'do a job', their abilities will be far less than IP CCTV systems , which will obviously cost more to purchase. A balance can (and needs to) be found though; which type of system can offset its initial cost, with the effect it is able to have? An IP camera may cost more but in the long term, it will pay back its cost more than what an analogue system can.

This is why, in this blog, we're going to give you 10 great reasons why your business needs IP CCTV.

IP CCTV Systems: Why Your Business Needs Them

1. Analogue cameras are outdated. It actually costs more to keep older systems running due to the maintenance costs of replacements and upgrades. Not just

that but as time goes on, these old systems will grow increasingly more unreliable. This is why it's important that you start to look elsewhere if your CCTV starts to fail – especially when you need it the most.

2. Take advantage of video analytics. IP CCTV systems are able to record a vast amount of footage – not just ideal to keep a constant watch over everything, picking up every incident as and when they happen, but it will also give you the flexibility to check the footage as a more intelligent way of tracking crime. Using specialist software, an IP camera can notify you whenever an incident takes place – using analytical software that is pre-programmed to track certain behaviours. You will be able to go about your business without having to constantly worry about security. Speaking of which...

3. Remote monitoring. IP CCTV systems are able to send live streams or certain clips to any device you may have, wherever you may be. This remote monitoring ability is ideal if you have to travel for work or cannot be constantly on site to check what's going on – let's face it, staying on site all the time isn't realistic anyway. Simply, with a IP camera, you will have full knowledge of what's going on, no matter where you are.

4. Ease to install. An IP system can be simply plugged in, and everything will be up and running within a few minutes. No complex wiring, no protracted setup process; just an easy installation.

5. Scalability and flexibility. The number of cameras you're able to have as part of your IP network can be customised – no having to buy a set number (like you will need to do with analogue systems). This means you can add cameras one-by-one, covering all of the areas you need to, without having to invest in cameras you won't need. IP cameras can also be installed wired or wirelessly, showing a degree of flexibility.

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6. Make use of your existing cameras/ infrastructure. It could well be the case that your cameras are relatively new or have served you well without any defects. In that case, an IP system can make use of your existing cameras (or the infrastructure that kept them in place) to create a cost-effective, yet better camera security network.

7. More cost-effectiveness. The money-saving just doesn't end with that last point. With an IP CCTV system keeping watch 24/7, there'll be no need to constantly upgrade your CCTV or employ extra security staff to keep watch – saving you money in the long run.

8. Compliance with regulations. It could be the case that you are compelled by regulations to retain footage for a set period of time. Storing footage from older systems was potentially risky as it had to be stored on site. The images taken by IP cameras can be stored using an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and/or sent to the virtual Cloud, ensuring it is kept safe and can be easily accessed by you at any time, no matter where you are located.


9. Quality of image capture. IP cameras are able to capture images in high-definition, far exceeding the qualities of analogue systems. Not only can pictures be sharper in appearance, but the high-definition of IP systems allows for a greater zoom depth that can pick out features easily. Ideal for identification.

10. Reliability and durability. To top off its superior high-resolution capturing, convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, an IP system is also extremely reliable and durable. The hardwearing abilities of the system will help to get many more years of use, making the investment you make go further.

So those were our 10 reasons why you should at least consider making use of IP CCTV systems to protect your business. Interested in learning more? Why not get in touch with the retail security experts here at Maxtag?

Enhance Your CCTV Security With Maxtag

No matter if you're looking to improve the functioning of your existing security camera network or are simply wanting to replace any outdated or malfunctioning equipment, we at Maxtag are dedicated to helping you achieve an effective security solution. Having been creating bespoke CCTV camera installations since 1997 , we can say with some assurance that, thanks to their capabilities, there has been no better time to invest in a new system.

Able to capture, record and playback images in HD, be stored on a virtual cloud and/or sent to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, today's IP CCTV systems represent a wise investment for any business. To learn more, give us a call on 0800 044 3160 or send an e-mail to enquiries@maxtag.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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