As one of the most popular high-end security camera solutions, HD TVI CCTV offers some of the highest quality pictures in the world.

HD-TVI stands for High-Definition Transport Video Interface. Essentially, this means that the received video signals, captured by a high-quality camera, are sent in a digital and uncompressed format over a coaxial cable to deliver a staggering picture quality.

Aside from the complete advantage of 1080p images, which are some of the most clear and defined images available today, HD CCTV systems also offer a number of advantages of increasingly common IP camera solutions.

The Advantages of HD TVI CCTV

  • HD Images over your existing coax cable
  • Reliable, clear images, uninterrupted and free from network lag.
  • No latency due to bandwidth
  • Keep your old cabling and just upgrade the cameras and recorder.
  • Mix and match - keep some of your old cameras and only replace ones in key areas
  • Easy installation with no IT involvement
  • Low cost and excellent value for money
  • Get remote access to your stores both live and playback.
  • Smartphone, Tablet and PC compatible.

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With the demands on a business owner, sometimes you unfortunately can't have eyes everywhere. With the threat of shoplifting, the profits and stock of a retail operation, not to mention the safety of its customers and its staff, needs to be looked after. Security cameras have proved to be a successful addition to retail operations when it comes to bringing people to justice, but as time moves on, so does technology – and you need to be able to keep up with the times, to be able to keep up with the criminals.

There are many differing quality of cameras out there but with the HD TVi CCTV system, you can capture sharp, quality high-definition images that will be delivered straight to your screen to give you clarity and exact visual verification.

The benefits of a HD TVi CCTV system

  • Easy to install and use. The system is extremely easy to install using either new or existing coax cable. If you already have a system in place, we can normally re-use the existing cable, saving you time, money and disruption. High-Definition recording. Able to record HD images that will be amongst the most clear and defined images around. You will be able to see everything clearly in the camera's range.
  • Mix and match your cameras. You'll only need to replace some of your old cameras in 'key areas' of the store – the ones already present do not need to be replaced. This will give you extra coverage around your store, offering you further security.
  • Cost-effective. The normal cost of theft that the camera will prevent, will easily outweigh the cost of the system, as it will pay itself back extremely quickly.
  • No lagging. When viewing live or recorded images there will be no lag or delay in the video. This is something that you will see if you choose an IP system as by their very nature there is almost always a slight delay as the video is converted.
  • Remote access – live or playback. The cameras and recorder are able to deliver images to you, in a different location either live or you can play the images back at your leisure. You don't have to be at the store or in the office to investigate an event.
  • Can be viewed on other devices. Aside from being able to be viewed on a PC and laptop, the HD TVi CCTV system is also compatible with Smartphone's and tablet devices, giving you a wide range of choice on which device to view your images.

Keep your store safe with the latest HD-TVI CCTV cameras

Here at Maxtag we have vast experience in providing security systems for all kinds of different businesses, of all different sizes. We are proud to stock a range of quality HD TVi CCTV systems that are designed to protect you and your retail operation. For more information on this or any of our other retail security systems services, please don't hesitate to give our friendly customer care team a call on 0800 044 3160 or e-mail us at

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