Baby, Patient & Asset Tagging System from Maxtag

Maxtag have recently extended their proven security tagging expertise to offer a complete security and safety solution designed specifically for the Healthcare Sector.

This system can be used to tag assets and patients whilst in hospital and can also be utilised in a maternity ward to provide infant protection and monitor both Mother and Baby with specially designed tags.
Maxtag have recently been appointed as the preferred UK supplier and installer for products from Active Tagging Ltd and our innovative new range of products and systems offer complete protection including:

Baby and Child Tagging

This innovative baby and child tagging system has been created to provide infant protection and prevent newborn abductions from hospital Maternity Units, each child wears a small tag that contains a radio transmitter.

Mother & Baby Tagging

An ingenious security system that can be installed with ease into a hospital maternity unit, providing dual safety and offering instant protection for babies and instant reassurance for mothers, the tags are very discreet and comfortable and importantly for the operators the systems are easy to install and operate.

Patient Wandering Prevention Systems

This discrete patient tracking system is designed to protect vulnerable patients, such as the elderly, in a hospital environment and allow staff to safely monitor the movement of these patients through the use of an electronic tag which is placed in a reusable band.

Asset Tracking & Equipment Tagging Systems

An increasingly valuable tool designed for tracking and safeguarding valuable assets, items and equipment such as laptops, IT equipment, hospital equipment and even works of art. The system works through placing a tag on an asset which is then logged on the system, in the event the asset is moved or leaves a protected area the tags notify the system and an alarm is triggered.


We offer a range of analogue Cameras and DVR's as well as IP based systems, scalable to suit any size of business. Our new Cloud based surveillance service 'Cloudvue' offers simple, secure, and cost-effective video management for up to thousands of locations and cameras from a single website.

Secure Live Displays

Display your Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Cameras and Camcorders live and powered, while safe in the knowledge that they are secure. Our new take and watch software which comes as part of this system allows media to be played when a product is picked up.

Security Tagging

Choosing the right retail security tagging system can seem daunting when a range of options are available. MAXTAG would like to make that choice easier.

The Top 5 Not So Obvious Benefits of CCTV

CCTV systems offers many benefits, the most obvious is video surveillance to capture footage of criminals in the act.

This is of course why 95% of us start to research into a system in the first place. However, there are a number of unobvious
benefits that are almost additional FREE extras to installing a system. So without wanting you to wait to install a system to
find out, we have put this eBook together to explore our 'Top 5 Not So Obvious benefits of CCTV'.